Can I go to the sauna with skin problems?

A relaxing sauna session is not for everyone. Especially for people who suffer from skin problems. But who is allowed in the sauna, and who must be careful, and who must even do without it?
Skin problems can be alleviated by regular saunas

Skin problems can be alleviated by regular saunas

In principle, it is a good idea to visit a sauna if you have skin problems. Especially for diseases such as neurodermatitis, acne and psoriasis, sauna sessions are highly recommended. One of the reasons for this is that sweating in the sauna initiates a certain cleansing process of the skin.

Especially in combination with rinsing off skin residues following the sauna session, very good cleansing results are achieved. The skin loses harmful substances, sebum and bacteria during this process. Furthermore, the skin is softened on this occasion, which makes it easier to remove dead skin flakes, which in turn leads to faster regeneration of skin.

Since sauna visits also promote blood circulation, even constant itching, as in the case of atopic dermatitis, can be felt to be less pronounced. Another aspect that makes sauna visits a good thing for skin diseases is the relaxing factor of saunas. This is because many skin diseases are negatively affected by stress and tension.

Frequent sauna visits can help with skin problems

To get skin problems under control through sauna sessions, a sauna must be visited regularly. Experts and doctors recommend saunas ideally once a week, so that after some time you can achieve a noticeable result.

In order for the positive effects of a sauna visit on the skin to show their effect, creaming after the sauna is very important. In particular, sauna enthusiasts who have skin problems should always have a gentle ointment on hand, which ideally should be free of emulsifiers and preservatives.

In addition, it is not advisable for people with skin diseases to bathe in a pool before going to a sauna, as the chlorine contained there irritates the skin. For this reason, a visit to a thermal bath with an attached sauna is a good choice, as swimming there is not problematic even for people with skin problems.

Sauna sessions promote blood circulation

Many skin problems are caused by a lack of blood circulation, which is why taking a sauna can be a step towards relief. In fact, some skin conditions are affected by low skin temperature and also prevent the skin from sweating.

Sauna treatments that are done regularly can counteract this trend and improve sweating ability after a short time. The increased body temperature during a sauna visit also strengthens the body’s immune defenses, which is beneficial to well-being. In order to enjoy a visit to the sauna and to feel the relaxing effect on the areas of skin affected by problems, you should take plenty of time and be prepared to relax, even from a mental point of view.

Especially if you have no experience of how the diseased areas of your skin react to a sauna session, it is advisable to take it easy. For the beginning, it is often sufficient to go to a sauna with a low temperature of about 45 degrees to see how the skin reacts to the warmth of the sauna.

With neurodermatitis in the sauna – what must be considered?

Even though sauna sessions help most of those affected, it is important for people with atopic dermatitis to individually assess whether sauna visits can provide you with relief. To find out, first consider what events usually lead to a flare-up.

If acute relapses are usually related to heat and high humidity, sauna visits are not advisable. For all others affected by neurodermatitis, saunas are possible. However, certain things should be observed in order not to endanger a positive effect.

For example, it can be advantageous for people with skin diseases and especially neurodermatitis to avoid aromatic infusions, as these often irritate the skin. During or in the phase shortly before an episode is imminent, saunas are not recommended for people suffering from neurodermatitis and should be avoided, as the already stressed skin would become even more irritated.


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