Sweat yourself smart

What many fans have only suspected for years has now been proven with the studies. The cozy warmth has two positive effects on your brain. Regular sweating keeps us mentally and physically fit.
Sauna visits increase your brain power

Sauna visits increase your brain power

Sweat yourself smart. Only women participated in the studies. However, the researchers assume that the results can be transferred 1:1 to men. The female subjects visited the sauna once a week for at least 15 minutes. The temperature varied, but was always at least 70 degrees (158 °F). According to the scientists, who published their results in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, higher temperatures have no negative effect.

New formation of brain cells

The most important thing the sauna can do for your brain performance is to increase neurogenesis. This foreign word refers to nothing more than the process of new brain cell formation. Until the 1990s, scientists assumed that no new gray cells were formed in adults.

But then researchers took another close look – and discovered that this was not the case. Even when physical development is already complete, new brain cells can still form – but not in every case. Such new formation depends on many factors. One of them is sport or even a regular visit to the sauna.

Improving long-term memory

The controlled heat ensures that more BDNF is released. This substance ensures that your brain cells grow. But the protein doesn’t just stimulate growth. It also ensures that existing cells are better protected. Now you’re probably wondering what you get out of all those brain cells. Well, on the one hand, the following applies at this point: A lot helps a lot. The more cells you have in your brain, the more you can learn. Every single cell increases your memory capacity, so to speak. In addition, you also improve your long-term memory in the sauna – because you have finally increased your storage capacity.

Stress hormone and neurotransmitter

A regular visit to the sauna can not only make new brain cells grow. In the pleasant warmth, the so-called noradrenaline is also increasingly emitted. This messenger substance acts as a stress hormone and neurotransmitter. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly stressed sitting in the sauna. The increased output has a very positive long-term effect. It ensures that you can concentrate better. The body is able to store noradrenaline. If you get into a situation in which you have to be very attentive, the organism uses the substance – and you are wide awake and perceive even the smallest detail.

Stimulate the production of noradrenaline

The sauna even has such a lasting effect on the production of this neurotransmitter that some researchers suspect that ADHD could be alleviated in this way. People suffering from this disease have been shown to produce too little norepinephrine. If production is now stimulated, symptoms are significantly alleviated. The heat has a similar effect on patients as Ritalin.

But normal people also benefit from the effect – especially when concentration is required. Because norepinephrine significantly increases your brain power. So why don’t you go to the sauna just before your exam or your next meeting with the boss? It relaxes you and takes the edge off your excitement – and helps you concentrate better.