As a smoker in the sauna?

Especially for smokers, the sauna is very suitable. The sauna trains the self-regulation of the body. And at the same time, the sauna helps to detoxify the body. Of course, it is even healthier to quit smoking altogether. However, this is nothing new.
Sauna helps detoxify the body

Smoking in the sauna? The facts, the rules and your health in focus

Going to the sauna as a smoker? Can you even do that today? After all, smoking is widely banned in public. But yes, you are allowed to enjoy a sweat bath. Of course, you can’t smoke everywhere in the well-maintained facilities, and you also have to observe a few other things.

However, you should not forgo the relaxing visit in any case. After all, it is you who will benefit from the health advantages of a sweat bath. In this article, we will explain what healthy sweating can do for you. You will also learn what you need to watch out for.

Cleansing power for the lungs

As a smoker, you know that this bad habit damages your lungs. After all, drastic warnings are now printed on every pack. You may also already be suffering from an annoying cough. With this reflex, the lungs try to clean themselves, but in vain. After all, the tar sticks firmly to the fine hairs of the bronchial tubes. But enough of the horror scenario. You too can support your lungs by regularly visiting the sauna.

The healthy heat activates your body’s self-healing powers. In plain language, this means that your immune system is strengthened. This also helps the organism to eliminate the harmful substances from cigarettes.

But this is not the only effect that supports your lungs. The air in the sauna is always quite humid, not only during the infusion. There are fine water droplets buzzing around the whole room, which you breathe in. These are able to clean the fine hairs on your bronchial tubes. You can’t compete with the sticky tar of cigarettes. But they still help you to breathe more freely again.

By the way, you will notice this directly: During the sauna visit, you will probably have to cough more than usual. This may be unpleasant, but it helps the organism. This stimulus helps it to clear the respiratory tract. You will notice that you can breathe a little more freely after this relaxing day.

Miracle cure for high blood pressure

Cigarette smoke doesn’t just harm your lungs, though, as I’m sure you already knew. The nasty particles that are absorbed through the lungs settle throughout the body’s vascular system. This, in turn, causes the vessels to become narrower. For the heart, this means hard work: it has to pump the blood through the body with a lot of pressure so that the lifeblood can pass through all the constrictions. The result: high blood pressure. This condition can damage the heart in the long run and there is no real cure.

Support your body

However, you can support your organism and thus alleviate the disease. The miracle cure at this point: Heat. A visit to the sauna is a real fitness workout for your damaged blood vessels. They dilate as long as you sit in the pleasant warmth. This allows the blood to flow almost leisurely through the pipes. As soon as you step outside again, it gets colder and the vessels contract again. Now the lifeblood flows through the vessels again at its usual speed.

This interplay ensures that the sensitive blood vessels become more elastic. Admittedly, the deposits are not removed in the process. Nevertheless, high blood pressure is reduced a little. If you sweat regularly, even tablets can become superfluous. However, you should always talk to your doctor before stopping.

Please drink enough

This advice applies equally to all sauna visitors, not just to you as a smoker. However, you should heed it particularly urgently. We have just mentioned that cigarette smoke also damages the circulation. That means you should take special care.

Because in the sauna you will sweat profusely. That in itself is a desired effect. However, your body will still lose a lot of fluid. After 15 minutes at 90 degrees, this can be a large glass. This fluid is missing from your body. The effect of so-called dehydration occurs and the body works a little slower than usual, because it is virtually running on the back burner. This also affects the circulation. This means that you run the risk of collapsing.

To prevent this from happening, you have to take countermeasures. But that is not difficult at all. Simply get into the habit of drinking enough after each sweat bath. From a medical point of view, it doesn’t really matter whether you reach for cola or water. Liquid is liquid. Nevertheless, water is simply healthier because it contains additional valuable minerals and no calories. If you want something with flavor, you can reach for unsweetened tea.

No alcohol in the sauna

By the way, alcohol is completely taboo. It would additionally stress the body and even dehydrate it. If you absolutely do not want to give up the taste of beer, go for the non-alcoholic version. It also contains important minerals and is even quite healthy, but it has a lot of calories.

The cigarette stick must stay outside

You probably already knew that you are not allowed to smoke inside the bath. But even in the spacious outdoor areas, you’re not allowed to smoke everywhere. It may sound tempting to lie down in a deck chair and light up a cigarette. But this is forbidden, for two good reasons:

First, you would disturb other bathers. Sauna-goers in particular are very concerned about their health and are bothered by smoke, which also contains substances that are harmful to them. They would also inhale them in the open air.
On the other hand, the operators of the pools invest a lot of money and time in maintaining their outdoor facilities. They should be as beautiful as possible for all guests at all times. Carelessly discarded cigarette butts would be a huge nuisance.

So please go to the designated smoking areas. Here you will not disturb other bathers and you will find an ashtray. Actually, every bath has such an area. If you can’t find it right away, just ask the staff. They will certainly be happy to help you.

Our conclusion:

So you see, visiting the sauna has its advantages even for nicotine addicts. The moist, warm air helps cleanse your lungs. In addition, your blood vessels are exercised and thus diseases are alleviated. So feel free to jump into the hot pleasure, as long as you follow a few rules.


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