How to glue sauna salt stones?

Relaxation and relaxation are the best gifts for body, mind and soul. Who can switch off particularly effectively with Wellness, does not have to drive kilometers to the next thermal spring. A real spa feeling can also be created in your own home. With a few measures, you can transform the home bathroom into a temple of wellness.
Adhesive techniques for sauna salt stones

Adhesive techniques for sauna salt stones

Sauna with healthy sea climate

It is well known that salt crystals have a beneficial effect on health. Therefore, the popular crystals are popular for use in the sauna. This has less to do with the fact that they sparkle so beautifully, that’s just a fabulous decorative side effect. But because they release negative sauna ions that strengthen the immune system and increase vitality and zest for life. The small ions buzz around in the air, their invigorating freshness resembling a light sea breeze. The power ions boost the metabolism and thus detoxification. It also prevents skin and respiratory diseases.

Different stone variants – and all beautiful

Salt crystals are excellent materials that set beautiful accents and are also so healthy – whether as an illuminated salt brick wall or as a completely private salt cave. Salt bricks are ground smooth and are easy to join together. Salt bricks with the designation “natural” are unsanded and rough on one side. They come in different shades, mostly in pink tones. More rarely they are white, illuminated from the inside, give off a soft and warm light.

The salt tile with LED lighting creates a wonderful atmosphere in any sauna

The salt tile is perfect for backlighting due to its beautiful texturing. It can be glued and individually processed with stone tools. Salt tiles are suitable for wall cladding as a salt wall, for cladding the bench, as a plinth and lighted cladding for radiators.

The pleasant play of light of natural colors almost immediately creates a visual and physical well-being. One form that is in demand is the salt stone. Due to its different geometric shape and light weight can create the most unusual designs in the sauna area. To highlight the beauty of the salt stone, you can install a soothing backlight.

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Novel acrylic sauna lamp “profiTUBE” heat-resistant up to +125°C ( 257 °F) from Artvion. The set incl. Transformer and silicone connection cable is suitable for indirect sauna lighting, excellent for residential and commercial sauna use. Highest product quality thanks to development and manufacturing in Germany!

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Preparation and gluing techniques for salt stones and co.

Salt bricks, salt tiles and salt stones clearly contribute to the beautification of a room. Due to their luminosity and beautiful salt structures, relax and revitalize the body and mind at. The mostly orange-reddish and partly white tones also conjure up pleasant light reflections in the room.

Buying tip: Salt bricks from the Salt Range Pakistan

30 high quality salt bricks with a rough side and dimensions 20 x 10 x 5 cm from Salt Range Pakistan. Weight brick: about 2.1 kg. SudoreWell salt building materials are unique and of the highest quality. The pink warm color of the salt bricks has a calming, balancing and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul. The salt bricks are particularly suitable for beautifying rest and sauna rooms, for making salt rooms, salt caves and salt floors, but also for lining radiators. They radiate a soothing warmth and are an absolute eye-catcher.

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In order for the room in salt stone look to become a visual highlight, there are a few things to consider:

  1. salt stones attract the ambient moisture and should therefore lie in the room for a day before processing by them. Preferably at room temperature. They must not be placed on surfaces that can attack the salt.
  2. before processing, it is advisable to clean the material with a small hand broom. This is the best way to remove loose salt residues.
  3. there are no limits to your imagination when laying, whether straight or parallel. With a wet cutting machine, salt stones can be shortened or divided as needed. To prevent the salt from damaging the saw blade, the tool must be cleaned and oiled before and after cutting.
  4. A dehumidifier in the room works wonders as it reduces the ambient humidity.

Various salt gluing techniques

There are several options to connect the beautiful salt crystals or build your own salt wall. Here, the appearance and the budget play a role.

Gluing technique with natural stone adhesive:

Natural stone adhesive can be used to join different formats of salt bricks. The color of the adhesive is dark gray and harmonizes perfectly with the bright material. The adhesive is mixed dry. It should not be too liquid, that otherwise the salt stones will have to dry unnecessarily long.

If the natural stone adhesive is too moist, so-called cement haze can form and run down the salt stone wall. The stuck coating is sometimes difficult to remove. The remedy is a cement haze remover. Nevertheless, the cement haze can get stuck in the natural stone, so it is important to remove this mishap directly with a damp sponge.

Those who use natural stone adhesive should not brick more than about 60 cm per day on top of each other. The adhesive needs about 24 hours to dry. If you brick higher, you run the risk of the salt stones shifting overnight. This can cause a bump to form, which is not conducive to the appearance.

Purchase tip: Sakret Natural Stone Adhesive

SAKRET Natural Stone Adhesive white NKw is a white pigmented flexible adhesive for the installation of translucent, discoloration-free, calibrated natural stone slabs and glass tiles in thin and medium bed systems on floors and walls. It is suitable for surface heating systems such as heated screeds or underfloor heating systems and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Adhesive technique with tile adhesive:

The technique is similar to that of natural stone glue. In contrast to the dark gray natural stone adhesive, the tile adhesive is more white-greyish. In addition, the same processing instructions apply. The advantage of both adhesives is that you can perfectly level out height-shifted salt brick variants.

Buying tip: Ready-made tile adhesive for wall and floor

The ready-to-use quality adhesive for perfect tile bonding. It is clean, low-dust and gentle on materials. The liquid dispersion adhesive of the extra class, for indoor and outdoor use. Hard to beat in terms of adhesion: creamy consistency, fast tile set and long open phase of 30 minutes lead to best bonding results. High range thanks to low consumption.

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Silicone and construction adhesive:

Smaller wall surfaces or plinths can also be joined together using a construction adhesive from a tube or a clear silicone adhesive.

Caution: Silicone yellows in sunlight and air and becomes yellowish over time. Furthermore, silicone can become porous.

Positive aspect!: Advantageous is the simple and fast processing. Since you can’t see any joints due to the joining with silicone, the overall look has a nice visual effect. It looks like the gemstones are loosely layered on top of each other.

Buying tip: Pattex assembly adhesive

Pattex Assembly Adhesive Power provides strong hold and powerful bonding of absorbent materials. The adhesive impresses with its strong initial adhesion and high final strength. Conveniently, small irregularities are evened out and the adhesive can easily even be painted over. The adhesive is ideal for absorbent substrates, such as all interior plaster surfaces, on concrete, PVC or ceramics. For example, skirting boards and ceramic tiles can be glued.

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Epoxy resin:

This technique is the most expensive and complex. In addition, she is also the most beautiful. In any case, a 2-component epoxy resin consisting of a binder and hardener should be used.

Epoxy resin has some positive aspects: The drying time is usually less than five minutes. Therefore, you can put many layers on top of each other in one day. Epoxy resin is almost transparent after curing.

Be careful when laying larger areas: The adhesive evaporates during processing and can cause chemical burns if it comes into contact with mucous membranes. Therefore, protective clothing including safety goggles and respiratory mask should always be worn. The manufacturer’s safety and application instructions must be observed.

Buying tip: Epoxy resin with hardener

Suitable for coating wooden surfaces, potting as well as sealing furniture, table tops and various interior finishes. It can also be used for potting electrical circuits or insulating electrical terminals and laminating automotive applications. You can also use the resin for modeling and repair work, sealing work in the hobby and craft area or sealing work in the floor area. It is particularly user-friendly and easy to process.

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