Crystal salt wall for sauna

What could be better than relaxing in the pleasant warmth of the sauna and doing something good for the immune system? The sauna visit can be topped with pink crystal salt walls. We will now explain what this is all about.
Wellness with crystal salt walls from the mountains of Pakistan

Wellness with crystal salt walls from the mountains of Pakistan

In the salt sauna, the sauna guest benefits not only from the pleasant warmth of the sauna, but also from the fine salt particles that are emitted from the salt walls. The salt purifies the air and through the skin and respiratory tract the brine reaches the body, where it performs its beneficial effects. The salt cleanses the skin and makes it beautifully soft.

Likewise, it can drive away bacteria and viruses in the body, giving an extra boost to the immune system. In particular, respiratory patients, people with skin diseases or allergy sufferers can benefit from visiting the salt sauna. Furthermore, the crystal salt provides wellness in stress and can help with insomnia, rheumatism, high blood pressure and many other diseases.

Best pure crystal salt

Not just any salt is used in the salt walls of the sauna, but absolutely pure primal salt from the mountains of Pakistan. The crystal salt, which is over 250 million years old, is brought out from a depth of 650 meters, where it has rested far from any harmful environmental pollution. The natural rock salt from the mountains of Pakistan is one of the healthiest salts in the world. In the pink miracle are many minerals and trace elements that the body needs. Besides calcium, magnesium, zinc, and other valuable substances, the crystal salt contains a lot of iron oxide, which is why it is pink.

The salt sauna walk

In the classic salt sauna, a sauna heater provides a pleasant 60 degrees Celsius. The relatively low temperature compared to the Finnish sauna at about 90 degrees Celsius is gentler on the circulation. Thus, sauna fans with circulatory problems or sauna beginners can also enjoy a visit to the sauna. Depending on your preference, you can still treat your body during the sauna with Sauna Salt rub.

This makes the skin even better cleaned and supplied with blood, with the result that it is super soft afterward. Three sauna sessions of five to fifteen minutes are recommended, as in the classic sauna. Likewise, this is followed by a rest period of about half an hour between sauna sessions. Since the salt extracts even more fluid from the body than the usual sauna, drinking enough is all the more important. Water or fruit juice spritzers are best for replenishing fluid levels.

Wellness oasis for home

More and more people are creating their very own private spa area with a salt sauna at home. You can buy ready-made saunas with salt elements, or you can “retrofit” your own home sauna – no matter whether it is a classic sauna with a sauna heater or Infrared cabin. The crystal salt walls or individual salt tiles made of the reddish crystal salt are available for purchase individually.

By means of glue, you create at will whole salt walls or only individual salt fields. Likewise, the floor can be embellished with the tiles. By illuminating the noble salt tiles, the crystal salt bathes the sauna cabin in a wonderful reddish light. This creates an even more feel-good atmosphere, where you can completely forget about stress and everyday life.

Crystal salt wall from the mountains of Pakistan


With the salt sauna, you benefit twice: from the heat and the crystal salt. If you do not want to wait until you go to the sea on vacation, then simply bring the sea home with a salt sauna. Because in the salt sauna you can benefit from the healing properties of salt, just like at the seaside – only at home all year round.

Buying tip: salt brick

An eye-catcher in the sauna and wellness area is the salt tile made of crystal salt, which is suitable for wall design. Of course, you can also use it to beautify your living space. A wall of salt tiles will look even more effective if it is backlit with an LED lamp. This creates a natural feel-good atmosphere in your sauna.

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