Lying or sitting in the sauna – How do I do it right?

Surely you are wondering, especially if you are one of the sauna beginners, what is the best body position to take in the sauna. Taking a sauna lying down or sitting up - which position is healthier?
The advantages of the sitting position in the sauna

Lying or sitting – which is healthier?

Sauna lovers appreciate the benefits that this wellness oasis offers them. In the warm cabin, they leave the stress of everyday life behind them. In addition, they relax and recharge their batteries to better cope with the challenges of everyday life. They strengthen their defenses as well as their internal organs.

The skin also benefits from the heat. Sweating regulates the moisture content of the largest sensory organ. Numerous sauna cabins also mix soothing fragrances into the infusion. These increase the relaxation factor and invigorate the senses. They also increase the release of the endorphin hormone.

The optimal posture in the sauna

Another factor why a stay in the sauna has a relaxing effect on body and psyche is silence. Conversations or other noises do not belong in the wellness oasis. However, there are cabins that run a slow meditation music or nature sounds in the background.

Furthermore, sauna-goers do not move at all during their stay. They have the right to enjoy the moment without moving. In doing so, most choose between a sitting or lying position. This leads to the question of which position is the better alternative.

However, in order to decide whether a lying or a sitting position is the better option, sauna devotees should look into the placement of the benches. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to take a close look at the advantages of the two positions.

The advantages of the sitting position in the sauna

In every sauna there are benches at different heights. Experts recommend beginners to sit either on the lower or in the middle wooden benches. This is because of the heat rise. This makes the air at the top the hottest and rather unsuitable for beginners.

People who prefer to sit should place their legs on the bench. Experts advise against placing the legs on the floor. It is important to stretch the legs of the same on the bench, so that the same temperature range around the entire body.

The sitting position stimulates blood circulation more. However, due to health conditions, not all people can sauna sitting.

The advantages of the lying position

People who suffer from vein problems or varicose veins should not sit in the sauna at all. Ideally, they prefer the lying position. This reliefs the pressure on their varicose veins. Furthermore, the blood flows off better.

Compared to a sitting position, the lying position has a much more relaxing effect. Both the body and the limbs are surrounded by the same temperature. Furthermore, the sauna visit is more pleasant on the upper benches while lying down. Moreover, the lying position is more suitable for meditation for a few minutes than the sitting position.

Preventing dizziness

Those who prefer to lie down should still sit upright just before the end of the sauna session. The circulatory system needs between two and three minutes to prepare for an upright walk. Sauna-goers who stand up abruptly after lying down risk dizziness or fainting. However, if they sit down for a short time, they prevent a jerky flow of blood to the lower body.

Conclusion of the editorial staff

Ultimately, sauna-goers decide whether to lie or sit during their sauna visit based on their physical condition or individual preferences. Nevertheless, regardless of position, they should stick to the recommended time. An effective sauna bath lasts between 8 and 15 minutes. However, the maximum limit should not be exceeded.