Do men sweat faster than women in the sauna?

Do men and women really sweat differently? Yoshimitsu Inoue a Japanese researcher from Osaka International, has now investigated a possible gender difference in sweating and came to the following conclusion....
Why men sweat earlier and more than women

Why men sweat earlier and more than women

Men and women have numerous differences in terms of anatomy. In principle, a man’s body contains more muscle mass than that of a woman. However, this is not true if a woman is more active in sports than a man. Ultimately, lifestyle plays a decisive role. When comparing men and women in terms of sweating, researchers came across interesting results.

Men sweat faster than women

In Osaka, which is located in Japan, researchers took an in-depth look at whether men sweat faster than women. According to the experts, athletes who train regularly sweat much more quickly than the untrained. Furthermore, sweat breaks out significantly earlier in trained men than in women. However, there is no proven connection for this phenomenon.

Evolutionary researchers suspect that the reason for this can be found in the way our ancestors lived. Once upon a time, men were responsible for hunting. This caused them to break out in a sweat much earlier than women. However, this claim is merely an assumption that researchers have not substantiated.

Sweating is natural

Sweating is a natural cooling reaction of the body. Thus, men need less time to activate it. Furthermore, researchers have conducted numerous studies to determine how the smell of sweat affects women. Sweating men attract women. According to results, this effect has a positive impact on evolution as well as reproduction.

Health benefits of sweating

Regardless of gender, sweating has a beneficial effect on health. For this reason, regular visits to the sauna are worthwhile. The sweating process relaxes the entire musculature, cleanses the skin and strengthens the psyche. Furthermore, the process has a positive effect on the immune system.

Sweating is vital for our body

During sweating, the blood thickens. The body reacts to this process. It aims to release the water, which is in the tissues, into the blood. Thanks to this process, acids enter the bloodstream. Subsequently, they are partially sweated out. This in turn has a positive effect on the acid-base balance. A strong sweating can counteract an overacidification which is harmful to health. Thus, rapid sweating is a health-promoting reaction of the body.

Healthy sweating in the sauna

Those who visit a sauna at least once a week are significantly less likely to suffer from infectious diseases. However, people who suffer from flu or colds refrain from visiting the sauna. This worsens the symptoms. Furthermore, patients with heart and high blood pressure problems should first consult their doctor. For them, the heat could have a detrimental effect on existing complaints.


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