Sweat yourself happy

Sauna: Some swear by it, others just shake their heads at the thought of it. And now the statement: Sweating makes you happy! What's behind it? There is not only this one reason why a visit to the sauna is good for the soul.
Healthy and happy thanks to sauna

The positive effect of sauna heat

Sweat yourself happy. All-around relaxed, pleasantly tired and warmed up to the tips of your toes. That’s how happy you feel after an extended day in the sauna. No wonder the Finns invented and then perfected this magical sweat lodge. Because the world always needs proof for everything, many Finnish scientists also earn their money by researching the effects of sauna baths. Of course, the luck factor also plays a big role. And yes, it is proven: You can sweat yourself happy.

Healthy and happy thanks to sauna

As scientists go, they first found out that sauna bathing is healthy – and then happiness comes along all by itself. The scholars from the far north suggest that this has something to do with the immune system. In the sauna, your immune system is running at full speed. The heat gives your body a temporary fever – and that puts the killer cells on alert. They immediately hunt for germs and viruses and at the same time complete a strength training. Thus steeled, the killer cells hardly let any pathogens through – like good bouncers. And after healthy comes happy.

Sweating away winter depression

The Finns have also found out that sweating is good against winter depression. The trigger of this depression, according to them, is a lack of light. The special lighting in the sauna compensates for this deficiency – even if it is usually not particularly bright. In addition, some sauna baths have now equipped sweat lodges with special therapy lights. These glow in certain colors and can thus influence your mood. We have a separate article on this blog.

Essential oils for a fresh scent in the sauna

The researchers also have good news for all friends of infusions. You, as a sauna lover, will certainly be able to understand the results. The bath attendant pours wonderfully fragrant essential oils into the infusion water. Then he dumps this liquid over the hot stone. It fizzes briefly and then he begins to wilt the steam. With each oscillation, pleasantly warm air hits your face. You breathe in deeply, enjoy, and your body releases endorphins. After such a feel-good program, you can’t help but go home inspired.

Training for the circulation

Once there, you will certainly sleep better. Sweating also has a positive effect on your circulation. As you sweat in the heat, your veins dilate and blood flows slowly through your body. When you then cool down in the shower, this effect is reversed. This is a kind of workout for your circulation – especially if you suffer from high blood pressure. This condition usually stems from stress and makes you sleep poorly. And starting the day well rested is also a kind of happiness, isn’t it?

Tip from the editors

But science aside. Sauna is fun. If you have a great day of wellness, you’ll have a smile on your face. As a sauna lover, you’ve probably noticed that many times. But it’s not bad to have proof. Especially when misepeters once again want to talk down the positive effect of the heat. Just send them a link to this blog.


Buying tip: When the depri blues hit you again

Many people get hit with the “depri blues” especially during the winter season. Some don’t even know why they feel bad. The cause is the lack of light. It is simply too dark in the cold season – the antidote is, as so often, a visit to the sauna. There are even special scents that work against sadness. With such fragrances, your mood will also brighten.

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