Skin care before and after sauna: tips for radiant skin

Radiant skin through the power of the sauna: In the cold winter months, many people are drawn to the comforting warmth of the sauna. But did you know that sauna sessions are not only relaxing, but can also have a positive effect on your skin?
Radiant skin thanks to sauna: soothing heat for body and complexion
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Radiant skin thanks to sauna: soothing warmth for body and complexion

In the cold winter months, many people enjoy spending time in the sauna. Sauna sessions are not only relaxing, but also strengthen the body’s defenses, regenerate the metabolism and promote health. A pleasant side effect is the positive effect on the skin. Sweating moisturizes the skin, removes old skin cells, loosens keratinization and improves blood circulation in the skin. Therefore, after a visit to the sauna, it feels softer and smoother. The skin’s protective acid mantle is also strengthened by sweating, which is why sauna sessions are suitable for people with oily or stressed skin as well as those with inflammatory skin problems.

Preparation: The right skin care before going to the sauna

Before going to the cozy sauna, thorough skin cleansing is essential – and not only for hygienic reasons. It is also important to remove make-up so as not to stress the pores unnecessarily. In preparation, you can additionally cleanse the skin with salt scrubs or sauna honey. An alternative is a loofah sponge, which gently removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the upcoming sauna session.

The right skin care after a sauna session

After sweating in the sauna, the skin is particularly receptive to care products. Which care is most suitable depends on the individual skin condition. If a feeling of tension sets in, you should use a body lotion appropriate to your own skin type. However, it is advisable to wait about 30 minutes before applying the care product until the skin no longer perspires.

Moisturizing care for radiant skin

For an extra portion of moisture, a moisturizing body oil applied to the still damp skin is suitable. This locks in moisture better and keeps the skin supple for a long time. Those who like it particularly intense can also resort to a moisturizing serum. These serums have a highly concentrated formulation and provide the skin with important nutrients and moisture.

The best care from the inside: Drink enough water

Just as important as external skin care is care from the inside. During your sauna visit, be sure to drink enough water to compensate for the loss of fluids through sweating. Sufficient hydration supports the regeneration of the skin and ensures a healthy complexion.

Less is more: finding the right balance

After a sauna session, the skin is particularly receptive to skin care products. Nevertheless, care should be taken not to apply too many products. A moisturizing serum or a moisturizing body oil is often sufficient to provide the skin with optimal care. The motto “less is more” applies here, so as not to overtax the skin and avoid possible irritation.

Conclusion: Sauna visits for radiant skin

Sauna visits are not only a soothing relaxation for body and soul, but they can also have an amazing effect on our skin. Sweating in the sauna cleanses our skin, moisturizes it and improves blood circulation. But to unleash the full beauty power of the sauna, proper skin care before and after a sauna visit is crucial. With the right tips and products, your skin will shine in new splendor, and you can make the most of the beneficial effects of the sauna. Treat yourself to this exclusive beauty secret tip and pamper your skin – you will be thrilled!


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