Minus degrees outside, warmth inside: The boom in saunas

In the cold season, when the temperature outside drops below zero, there is one activity that attracts more and more people: the sauna. Why is that?
Relaxation and well-being at subzero temperatures
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Relaxation and well-being at sub-zero temperatures

One of these reasons is certainly the relaxation that a sauna offers. After a long day at the office or when the outside temperatures are freezing, it is simply soothing to get into a warm environment and relax your muscles. The heat and humidity in the sauna help to relax the body and relieve stress.

Sauna sessions in winter: The perfect balance to the cold

Another reason for the sauna boom in the cold season is the fact that the sauna promotes blood circulation. The high temperatures stimulate blood circulation and force the heart to pump faster, which in turn improves blood flow throughout the body. This can help relieve ailments such as muscle tension or joint pain.

The immune system also benefits from regular sauna sessions. The increase in body temperature strengthens the body’s defenses and reduces the risk of catching a cold or flu.

Another plus of the sauna is the ability to enjoy it in company. Whether with friends or family, the sauna is a wonderful place to relax while spending time together.


There are many reasons why going to the sauna in winter is so popular. We have briefly summarized some of them here:

  • Sauna is a popular place to relax and warm up from the cold.
  • Visiting the sauna can be a soothing end to a winter day to loosen up and relax your muscles.
  • A sauna session can help stimulate circulation, which is especially important in winter when hands and feet get cold quickly.
  • In a sauna you can get rid of the humidity and the cold and get a more comfortable body feeling.
  • A sauna visit can help strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of colds and flu.
  • A visit to the sauna can also be a cozy place to get together with friends and family and spend time together.
  • Sauna sessions can also help increase well-being and reduce overall stress levels.
  • A sauna visit can also help improve sleep quality by helping to regulate body temperature.

Our conclusion

Overall, it’s no surprise that saunas are so popular during the cold season. It provides relaxation, boosts circulation, strengthens the immune system, and allows you to spend time with friends and family. So why not consider a sauna visit when it’s cold and uncomfortable outside?