Goodbye dry skin: How the sauna can improve your skin condition

Do you suffer from dry skin? Then sauna and steam bath can be a solution. Take advantage of our tips and learn how sauna-goers can maintain a healthy, glowing complexion.
Why the sauna is good for your skin
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Why the sauna is good for your skin

When it comes to caring for our skin, we often turn to expensive creams and lotions. However, there is a simple and natural way to improve the appearance of the skin: the sauna. Due to the high humidity and temperature in the sauna, the pores of the skin open up, which removes the finest skin cells. As a result, the skin is gently cleansed and feels much softer afterward.

In addition, saunas improve the blood supply to the skin and thus provide it with better nutrients. Regular visits to the sauna can also help with dry skin, because sweating moisturizes the skin. Thus, the sauna can not only contribute to relaxation, but also have a positive effect on our skin appearance.

Before the sauna: How to prepare your skin optimally for the heat

To achieve an even more effective beauty effect, it is advisable to prepare the skin accordingly. Even if the skin is cleansed in the sauna, it is recommended to take a shower beforehand and perform a light peeling to remove the finest skin flakes. But caution is advised! If you have dry skin, it is recommended instead to apply a greasy cream before and after the sauna session so that the skin does not become even drier due to the low humidity. After all, the sauna should do your skin good and not harm it.

Which sauna is best for your skin?

The choice is yours – the variety of saunas is impressive! No matter what type of sauna you choose, your skin will benefit from a true beauty experience. Whether you choose the classic Finnish sauna with dry heat at temperatures of 80 to 100 degrees Celsius, the less hot bio sauna or a steam bath with up to 100 percent humidity is entirely up to you. However, the Finnish sauna, with its intense sweating and alternating hot and cold, is considered the most effective option. Let the different saunas inspire you and find your personal oasis of well-being.

How does the sauna affect dry skin?

The sauna is a true blessing for our skin! Thanks to the high humidity and pleasant heat, our skin can absorb moisture and dry patches become more supple. But that is not all! The alternation between heat and cold stimulates blood circulation and provides our skin cells with important nutrients. Of course, people with very sensitive or severely dehydrated skin should be careful and start with short sauna sessions to avoid overstimulating the skin.

But don’t worry, with proper caution and care, everyone can benefit from the positive effects of the sauna! After taking a sauna, it is important to drink enough to compensate for fluid loss and to hydrate the skin from the inside out. Regular saunas can improve the overall appearance of the skin and relieve dry skin. So, why not go to the sauna more often and do something good for yourself and your skin?

3 key reasons why sauna is good for your skin

You may be surprised to learn that sauna is not only a relaxing experience, but it also offers amazing benefits for your skin. Here are the top three reasons why sauna is good for your skin:

First, sauna cleanses your skin in a particularly gentle way. The sweating and water treatments open up the pores, allowing excess sebum to drain away and calloused skin flakes to be loosened. The result? Glowing, smooth skin.

Secondly, sauna promotes the healing of existing skin blemishes. The heat stimulates blood circulation, which means that skin cells are optimally supplied with nutrients and oxygen and can regenerate more quickly. This means that your skin can heal faster and more effectively.

Thirdly, essential oils in the sauna have an anti-inflammatory effect, which means that pimples can heal faster. Your skin will feel smoother and healthier.

Pure water after the sauna session

Sauna etiquette dictates that you must shower after sweating in a hot sauna. But the motto “less is more” applies here. Refrain from unnecessary additives such as shower gels and soaps, and instead let pure water flow over your skin. This is the only way to preserve the natural acid mantle and give you the ultimate freshness kick after your sauna session. Your skin will thank you, and you will feel like newborn. So, follow the sauna etiquette and treat yourself to the pure freshness kick!

The extra care after the sauna session

The sauna offers numerous benefits for the skin. However, the high temperatures can disrupt the skin’s natural balance. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply a rich and moisturizing skin care product after your sauna session. This will provide your skin with optimal care and enhance the positive beauty effect of the sauna. Due to the increased blood circulation of the skin after taking a sauna, caring substances can be absorbed particularly well. In this way, your skin benefits twice from the beneficial effects of the sauna.

If you want to pamper your skin even more intensively, you can also use soothing skin care products. However, you should avoid fruit acids, as they can unnecessarily irritate the skin. So treat yourself to extensive care after taking a sauna and enjoy the radiant beauty of your skin.


Sauna is a simple and natural way to improve the appearance of the skin and provide healthier skin. The high humidity and temperature in the sauna opens the pores, removing the finest skin cells and gently cleansing the skin. It also improves blood circulation to the skin and provides it with better nutrients. Regular sauna visits can also help with dry skin, as it is moisturized. So, sauna not only provides relaxation, but also has positive effects on the appearance of the skin.


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