Autumn time is also sauna time

Outside it is cool and windy. Just uncomfortable and cold. You think back longingly to the hot summer days? How about simply forgetting about the autumn season and enjoyably drifting in the warmth of a sauna and wellness spa?
Autumn time is sauna time - a treat for body and soul

Autumn time is sauna time – a treat for body and soul

Autumn time is also sauna time. Autumn marks the start of the peak sauna season. Visiting a sauna and spa is like stress relief, pure relaxation for mind and muscles and is also demonstrably healthy. Especially in the autumn season, regular sauna sessions are strengthening, invigorating and hardening for the entire body.

The organism can regenerate itself, the soul relaxes. Stress is reduced and the metabolism is activated. Endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones, are released and a wonderful feeling of well-being spreads throughout the entire body. The refreshing cool down afterward enhances this effect.

The immune system is stimulated

It has been scientifically proven that regular sauna bathing promotes the production of the body’s own immune substances and thus strengthens the immune system. The physical hardening is the best condition, in order to offer a cold Paroli. If you catch a cold as soon as people around you start coughing and enjoying themselves, you should treat yourself to sauna time at least twice a week. Up to three 15-minute sessions per time are recommended to toughen up.

The circulation is strengthened and the blood vessels trained

Repeated sweating in hot air strengthens the heart and circulation and trains the blood vessels. People who sauna several times a week feel this effect: they stay healthier and live longer. The preventive effect on blood vessels in the skin, respiratory tract and mucous membranes occurs with regular visits. Heat dilates the blood vessels. The blood pressure lowers. This is not only a positive consequence for the heart and metabolism, but also an effective measure to increase life expectancy by several years.

The anti-aging effect is fantastic

The high temperature causes a positive influence on all skin functions. Sweating cleans the pores, skin impurities disappear. Dead skin cells can be easily rubbed off with a towel. The anti-aging effect is thus visible in the long term, the skin looks firm, clean and rosy. The heat also loosens tense muscles and supports stress reduction. After sporting activities, going into a hot air bath is a preventive measure to counteract sore muscles.

A benefit for the respiratory tract

The inhaled hot air increases blood circulation in the respiratory tract and promotes increased secretion of the mucous membranes. This is beneficial for those who have problems with the bronchial tubes. Breathing through the sauna is easier because the muscle relaxing effect increases the capacity of the lungs.

The right sauna is important

There are a few rules that make taking a sauna a healthy pleasure.

  • Never bathe in hot air while sober or after a substantial meal. With empty and/or full stomach the heat is badly taken by most humans, the cycle can fail.
  • Of course, it is natural to take a shower beforehand and also remove makeup. The pores can open up now.
  • Take off your jewelry. The material can heat up uncomfortably on the skin.
  • With a large towel and completely naked, make your walk to the spa.
  • Choose the right place. On the top bench, the heat is the strongest. For those who want to take it slower, start on the bottom or middle bench.
  • The question, sit or lie down, comes up now. If you are unsure, then lie down on the bench first. After a few minutes, sit up. You will feel what is good for you.

The highlight is the infusion

The highlight of a sauna session for most sauna-goers is the infusion. Usually, the pouring over of the hot stones is done after the visitors have been sweating for a while. The sauna master takes over the infusion. Aromatizing the water with essential oils is popular. In the autumn season, fragrances that have a humidifying effect on the respiratory tract and/or are antiseptic are preferably popular. Pouring over the hot stones increases the heat and the degree of humidity.

The crowning touch – cooling down

The most important thing is cooling down. As a rule, refreshment is done with cold water. Proceed methodically. First, start with the feet and continue moving the cold water jet towards the heart. Other visitors prefer to cool off in an ice-cold plunge pool. Dry off really well afterward, snuggle into your bathrobe and relax on a lounger for at least 20 minutes.

Going to the sauna despite illness?

You are allowed to stay in the sauna if you have certain illnesses. For example, if you suffer from chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis, then the hot air has a relaxing and relieving effect. Breathing is often easier after a visit to the sauna. Do you complain about inflammations and varicose veins or do you suffer from epilepsy, do you have a fever? Then it is not advisable to stay in hot air. The temperature irritation would force the physical stress. If you are unsure, please consult a doctor.

Conclusion of the editorial staff

Taking a sauna promotes health and well-being. If you want to do something good for yourself, you should take a sauna at least twice a week. As a bonus, there is physical as well as mental relaxation, a strengthened immune system and thus a lower susceptibility to the colds that threaten especially at this time of year.


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