With hair treatment in the sauna

Regular sauna sessions have a positive effect on our health and well-being. But did you know that the heat combined with a hair treatment can lead to an improvement of the hair and scalp? Then you should read this article.
Hair care in the sauna

Hair care in the sauna

With hair treatment in the sauna. A visit to the sauna is a real booster for beauty. You were probably already aware of this. The pores widen, care products can work better, and the sweat provides a thorough exfoliation. Overall, healthy sweating ensures that your skin looks rosy and well-groomed. But does this also work with your hair? For example, is it advisable to apply a hair treatment before sweating? This tip can be found quite often on the Internet. We wanted to know exactly, and have investigated for you.

Hair and skin work in the same way

Hair and skin are pretty similarly knit. Both have pores, for example. In order for nutrients to be absorbed, they have to dilate. This is the only way to guarantee that all the vitamins and minerals can actually do their job.

And when do these pores open particularly well? Correct, in the sauna. In this respect, it is basically correct to believe that a hair treatment works better in the heat. But can it really do more than in the bathtub at home? After all, warm water vapors also rise from the tub. Those should open the pores pretty wide, too, right?

A lot helps a lot

Well, the theory may be correct. If it weren’t for these water vapors in the tub, a hair treatment would do purely nothing. But in the sauna, you benefit from another advantage: it’s very, very warm here. This ensures that the pores open really wide, and the care substances can penetrate to the depths of the roots. In this respect, the sweat lodge is also a good place for hair care. Feel free to give it a try.

Hair care in the sauna: This is how it works

One thing in advance: neither a special hair treatment nor a hair conditioner has yet been developed for the sauna. But the usual products from the drugstore do a perfect job. To take full advantage of the potential of the heat, you should enjoy at least two sauna sessions. The first one is for the pores to widen. You then use the break to apply the cure. Do this just before you head back into the sweat lodge. It is best to protect your hair with a towel. This will also ensure that you do not leave any residue on the wooden benches.

After the sauna session, it’s time to wash out the treatment again. If you wish, you may continue to enjoy the pleasant heat. It does not cause any damage to the hair. You will notice the effect immediately: Your mane feels well-groomed and has been optimally moisturized. If you use the procedure regularly, you will enjoy shiny hair permanently.


Hair care in the sauna allows you to intensively care for your hair. The heat in the sauna opens the pores of the hair and allows care products to penetrate deep into the hair roots. Although warm water vapors in the bathtub can achieve similar effects, the sauna offers the advantage of a higher temperature, which opens the pores even further. While there are no special hair treatments or conditioners for the sauna, commercially available products from the drugstore are quite sufficient.

To get the full potential of the heat, it is advisable to take at least two sauna sessions. In the break between the sauna sessions, the hair treatment can be applied, preferably just before the next sauna session. It is advisable to protect the hair with a towel to avoid residues on the wooden benches. After the sauna session, the treatment should be rinsed out. After that, the hair looks well-groomed and optimally moisturized. With regular use, you can enjoy healthy, shiny hair.


Isalie Graf