Moisturizing hair treatment with the hair sauna

What is a hair sauna?

A hair sauna is pure wellness for the hair. Under the influence of the warm and humid climate under the hood, all the care products, hair treatments and packs can be absorbed more effectively. Feel free to try this on your next visit to the hairdresser.

Argan oil: A natural care product for hair, skin and face

As one of the most sought-after cosmetic ingredients, argan oil has quickly gained popularity. The first applications of argan oil, known for its beauty-enhancing properties, can be traced back to its native Morocco. Argan oil is used for a wide variety of applications, from moisturizing the skin to strengthening hair and nails.

How does the sauna affect the hair?

Is sauna harmful for hair?

This question is justified. Especially since the hair often looks a bit attacked in the summer. The culprit is always the interaction of heat and sweat. Of course, you will also experience this in the comforting warmth of the sauna. It is easy to think that the procedure benefits the body but harms the hair.

Sauna makes beautiful

Beauty effects of sauna bathing

The history of the sauna as a place for relaxation and rejuvenation goes back centuries, to the time when Finns dug their huts into the mountains or built log cabins. Even though their appearance has evolved, saunas remain an integral part of modern beauty care for countless people who attribute amazing benefits to the skin.

Can you get hair loss from regular sauna use?

Can sauna sessions cause hair loss?

The relaxing dry sauna is a real treat for your skin and physical well-being. But the heat can be merciless on your hair, drying it out and making it brittle. While the intense heat of short sauna sessions is relaxing for the body, some sauna-goers are skeptical about the benefits of saunas for hair. Is it true that sauna sessions cause hair loss?

Sauna sessions for beautiful and gorgeous hair

What are the benefits of sauna for hair?

There is a widespread sauna myth about hair. However, the fear that a visit to the sauna will harm the hair is unfounded, quite the opposite. Studies have proven: Due to the high temperatures, the outer cuticle layer of the hair is opened – regenerating care products now penetrate particularly deeply and work even more efficiently.