What is a hair sauna?

A hair sauna is pure wellness for the hair. Under the influence of the warm and humid climate under the hood, all the care products, hair treatments and packs can be absorbed more effectively. Feel free to try this on your next visit to the hairdresser.
Moisturizing hair treatment with the hair sauna

Moisturizing hair treatment with hair sauna

Hair has a hard time. Cold and sun dry them out, and toxins from the air damage their structure. All this can not be fixed simply with a shampoo. The hair simply needs more attention. But even conditioners and cures of the drugstore often reach their limits. It needs something that can rebuild the structure in depth. That’s why smart people invented the hair sauna. The heat is able to regenerate even attacked tips.

Hair sauna, what is it actually?

You must be wondering now what exactly is a hair sauna. As the name suggests, heat plays an important role here. In the hair salon, there are special steam devices for this purpose, which are directed at the mane. In addition, various care products are used. They can work particularly well this way. After all, the heat and steam open the pores particularly wide. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate to the depths. But it is also possible to benefit from this principle at home. How exactly, we tell you below.

How does the sauna for hair work?

The secret of the sauna for hair is, of course, heat. However, the temperature is much lower than in the conventional sauna, it only gets between 40 and 60 degrees. The heat is generated by a special device that has no direct contact with hair. The heat opens the pores of the hair and the top cuticle layer. This makes it possible for active ingredients to penetrate particularly deeply.

The second highlight is the moist environment that this sauna creates. This allows the hair to process the active ingredients particularly well. That’s why it’s also important to apply the care products to damp hair when using them at home.

Only one question remains to be answered: How is the heat generated? At the hairdresser, steam, or ultrasound are used for this purpose.

How often should this be applied?

The hair sauna in itself has a strong effect on the hair. However, even in this case, one application alone does not help much. Only with regular use can the concept fully realize its benefits. To really benefit, you should let the heat do its work about once a month. It is best to combine the treatment with the visit to the hairdresser that you have planned anyway. If you treat your hair at home, feel free to do it weekly. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing in this case.

Hair sauna also goes at home

You do not necessarily have to leave a lot of money at the hairdresser to experience the benefits of this treatment. In fact, you can easily get the sauna for hair at home.

What do I need for the care

All you need for this are, a towel, good care products and a head cap. You should take care when choosing the care products. In principle, you could use your usual conditioner. However, it contains too few valuable ingredients. It is best to use so-called hair ampules. These glass vials are available in hairdressing stores. They contain a lot of nourishing substances.

Nourishing natural products for your hair

If you want, you can also use hair oil from the trade for natural products. It is produced completely without chemicals and alcohol and is particularly gentle to the hair. Cotton salad oil is especially recommended. If you do not get that, you can also resort to argan oil. Before the actual cure, you should wash your hair with a particularly mild shampoo.

After that, carefully massage the contents of the ampule or the oil into your scalp. Once this is done, you should spread the rest of the product on the rest of your hair. Be sure to think about the tips as well. Long hair should now be tied into a loose chignon.

How do I apply the hair sauna?

Now put on the hood and wrap a warm, wet towel around your head. If it loses its temperature, you can reheat it with a hair dryer. You should keep the turban on your head for about 25 to 30 minutes, so that the care products can take effect. After that, remove both the towel and the hood and rinse the hair thoroughly.


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