Why is cooling down after a sauna session so important?

Sauna sessions are great for relieving stress, cleansing the body and improving overall health. But when it's frosty outside and the cold wind blows, many sauna-goers forgo a cold shower. Nevertheless, it is important to cool down the body sufficiently. But why is this so important? That's what you'll learn in this article.
To relax under the cold shower

To relax in the cold shower

You won’t believe how refreshing a cold shower can be after a sauna session. Your body has absorbed a large amount of heat. And when the cold water cools down your body and your body temperature drops abruptly, you will experience an incredibly invigorating feeling. You will not regret it! By all means, try it, even if it takes some effort.

But why all this?

After taking a sauna, your body sweats quite a bit. Since your pores have been opened, you now need to take the necessary measures to close them, otherwise you will continue sweating. The best way to solve the problem is to take an extensive cold shower. However, after taking a sauna, you should wait a few minutes before taking a shower. Since the body needs oxygen at this time, it is best to first relax in the fresh air to restore its balance. After that, you can either use a Kneipp hose to drain the sweat from your body or take a cold shower.

Several ways to cool down

Numerous themes offer alternative ways to cool off besides the ice-cold shower. One of these options is the reliable and proven Kneipp hose. Despite its straightforwardness, it is very popular among sauna purists. More precisely, it offers you the opportunity to gradually lower your body temperature. Although it is quite cool, your circulation will not be affected in any way.

After your sauna session, why not stand under an experience shower? This is a really exciting and refreshing experience at the same time. These showers have jets both on the top and on the side. So your whole body is wetted with water at the same time. By the way, you don’t necessarily have to set cold water here. With most devices, you can also shower with lukewarm temperature.

Rubbing yourself with snow is a common way to cool down in winter. Mother Nature might give you this option during the colder months. In warmer weather, you can use the snow room if it is offered at their spa.

Breaks and relaxation

While you may feel more relaxed after a sauna session, your body really has to work hard to achieve this effect. The heat can raise the surface temperature of the skin by ten degrees and the core body temperature by one to two degrees. The body reacts as if fighting a fever and activates the defense cells. The heartbeat and breathing speed up, and the blood vessels dilate. In response, the body temporarily releases stress hormones. That is why it is important to cool down and rest between two sauna sessions.

Long-term sauna use is associated with better health. This is according to research, mainly from Finland. Regular sauna visits can lower blood pressure and improve the flexibility of blood vessels. The invigorating effects of sauna use include improved physical health, less muscle tension and glowing, more youthful skin.