When the sauna is taboo!

Some want to relax in the sauna, for others health aspects are decisive. However, not everyone who would like to go to the sauna may expose themselves to the high temperatures. In some diseases, sauna should be avoided.
Enjoy the stay in the sauna - but as healthy as possible

Enjoy the stay in the sauna – but as healthy as possible

Actually, regular visits to the sauna prevent colds, but it can also catch sauna-goers. If you have a flu-like infection, the sauna is not recommended. Because in the worst case, the health condition only worsens. In this case, it is better to skip a session.

What to bear in mind with acute rheumatism

Rheumatics can actually already visit the sauna, but only during an inflammation-free phase. It is also advisable to consult a doctor beforehand.

Breathe better despite asthma

The heat in the sauna relaxes the muscles of the bronchial tubes. As a result, asthmatics can breathe easily. However, anyone suffering from acute problems caused by asthma should not go to the sauna. This is because it can happen that the bronchial tubes reflexively constrict as a result of cooling down in the water. This can cause an acute attack. Alternatively, a warm shower is preferable to the ice bath.

Saunas affect the kidneys

The sauna is not suitable for people suffering from acute kidney problems. This is because it puts additional strain on the kidneys. As sufferers lose fluid, effects on blood volume and urine are to be expected. Eventually, kidney stones may form. On the other hand, sweating lowers elevated levels of urea.

Caution with high blood pressure

The heat in the sauna causes the blood vessels to dilate, and the subsequent cooling of the body causes them to contract. This process affects blood pressure. This should be taken into account by people who have high blood pressure. Due to this, the cold shock should be avoided.

In case of cardiac insufficiency, ask the doctor before taking a sauna.

Those who have problems with the heart should ask the doctor if visiting the sauna is allowed. After all, heart patients should know that the alternation of heat and cold puts a strain on the heart. Especially, the infusions are forbidden for patients with cardiovascular disease.

Circulatory failure can be dangerous

People who often suffer from dizzy spells should not go to the sauna. Those affected expose themselves to great danger. This is because saunas affect the circulatory system. This can lead to further dizzy spells in the sauna with the risk of falling.

Do not go to the sauna with inflammations

Inflammations of any kind, whether of internal organs or blood vessels, do not tolerate the heat in the sauna. The immune system, which is already weakened, is put under too much strain here. One does not feel better after a sauna session, but even more exhausted. Therefore, rheumatism patients should only go to the sauna during their inflammation-free phases.


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