What lies behind the 10 most popular sauna myths

Sauna myths and misconceptions

Myths and misconceptions about saunas abound. But is there perhaps a grain of truth in it after all? There are sauna myths and rumors that are very persistent and unsettle sauna novices. We have selected ten of them and clarify them for you.

Enjoy the stay in the sauna - but as healthy as possible

When the sauna is taboo!

Some want to relax in the sauna, for others health aspects are decisive. However, not everyone who would like to go to the sauna may expose themselves to the high temperatures. In some diseases, sauna should be avoided.

Important medical factors of sauna

The sauna has become a popular form of wellness treatment around the world in recent decades. Nevertheless, many people visit saunas out of curiosity or a desire to follow the latest trends, and not everyone uses saunas regularly.