The Germans make steam – sauna bathing in Germany

Sauna bathing is a health trend that enjoys an increasing number of followers among Germans. This is due on the one hand to the increased spread of wellness facilities and on the other hand to the positive effects of the beneficial sweat baths.
Rising health trend in Germany

Rising health trend in Germany

The Germans are getting into the swing of things – sauna bathing in Germany. In Germany, the Finnish sauna is preferred by most sauna guests. They rate them higher than the wellness facilities that originate in other countries such as Russia, Turkey or Mexico. Nevertheless, sauna-goers regularly steam. The Turkish steam bath called hammam has now become a fixture in numerous facilities whose “wellness” section dominates.

Regular sauna use promotes health maintenance

Germans seek out saunas for two reasons. The first is to promote physical well-being. The second reason for the increasing number of visitors is the luxurious pampering of the body and mind at the same time. The Finnish sauna is on a higher rank than the steam bath. Moreover, the origin of the sauna is in Finland. The Scandinavian country has only five million inhabitants. However, the number of sweat baths is one million.

Thus, for Finns, regular saunas are an integral part of their leisure time. They use visits to the sweat baths as a social event and meet friends and acquaintances there. Meanwhile, the Germans are not inferior to the Finns in the number of sauna visits. Recent reports confirm the high number of sauna-goers. According to these, the inhabitants of Germany are sauna world champions.

A new record

Annually, 30 million inhabitants look for the cozy sweat baths. With a population of more than 80 million German citizens, the percentage therefore amounts to 36.5. The percentage of Finns, on the other hand, who enjoy going to the wellness facilities is only 20 percent. Thus, the German inhabitants have surpassed the Scandinavians with their sauna visits. The Sauna-Bund e. V. speaks of a new record.

A sauna bath relaxes body and mind

The soothing steam of the sauna promotes relaxation. It has a positive effect on both the mental and physical condition. Because of the warmth, sauna-goers are forced to forget the stress of everyday life for a few minutes. They dive into another world. This helps them to gather strength for the challenges of everyday life.

In Germany, the majority of fitness studios, wellness facilities and swimming pools now offer sauna bathing. The steam stimulates blood circulation and strengthens visitors’ defenses. Many also notice an improvement in their skin conditions. Acne or neurodermatitis complaints are significantly reduced with regular sauna bathing. This is partly due to the detoxification process that takes place with each sauna visit.

For the benefit of health

The Sauna Verband e. V. has also found that the number of people in Germany who are buying a private wooden cabin is rising steadily. They attribute this trend to the beneficial as well as scientifically proven positive effects on human health.


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