Sweating like the grown-ups: The advantages of the sauna for children

Many people regularly enjoy going to the sauna to relax body and mind. But what about children? Is it advisable to introduce them to this wellness experience at an early age? In this article, you will learn about the benefits of sauna for children and how it can positively affect their health.
Why is sauna useful for children?
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Why is sauna useful for children?

More and more parents are recognizing the health and relaxation benefits of sauna visits for themselves and their children and therefore have no qualms about going to the sauna together with them. This realization is also supported by numerous studies that show that sauna visits do not pose any health risks for children and can even have a positive effect on their physical and mental development.

Especially for children with respiratory diseases such as asthma, the sauna can have a beneficial effect and relieve the symptoms. In addition, sauna visits can teach children to be aware of their bodies and to relax, which can have a positive effect on their well-being and resistance to stress.

Strengthening the immune system

One of the greatest benefits of sauna for children is the strengthening of the immune system. The alternation of heat and cold stimulates and exercises the immune system, making it better able to respond to infections and pathogens¹. Regular sauna sessions can thus help reduce susceptibility to colds, flu and other infections.

Improving blood circulation

The heat in the sauna dilates the blood vessels and thus promotes blood circulation. This is beneficial not only for adults, but also for children. Improved blood circulation supports oxygen supply to the cells and has a positive effect on overall well-being². In addition, good circulation can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.

Relaxation and stress reduction

Even children can already suffer from stress, whether it’s from school demands or social pressure. Regular sauna sessions can help reduce stress and promote the ability to relax³. In the sauna, children can learn how to calm down and relax their bodies and minds³. This can help them cope better with stress and improve their quality of life³.

Promoting social skills

The shared experience of a sauna session can promote children’s social skills. In the sauna, they meet people of different ages and genders, which teaches them to be respectful and considerate of each other⁴. In addition, taking a sauna as a family or in a group provides a valuable opportunity to spend time together and strengthen a sense of togetherness.

Skin care and body awareness

The sauna is not only good for your health, but also for your skin. Sweating clears the skin of impurities, which leads to better skin health⁵. For children, this can help prevent or alleviate skin problems such as acne and eczema. In addition, saunas promote body awareness and self-esteem as children learn to be more aware of their bodies and pay attention to their needs.

The right age for sauna with children

Opinions differ on the question of at what age children should start going to the sauna. There are many views on this subject. However, a study by the University of Magdeburg shows that infants and toddlers between the ages of 3 and 14 months do quite well in the sauna. The German Sauna Association also recommends taking your baby to the sauna when he or she has passed the U4 examination at the pediatrician’s office, which is around the age of three or four months. However, the BVKJ, the professional association of pediatricians and adolescents, warns against taking children under the age of 4 to the sauna.

Conclusion: Sauna for children – a worthwhile investment for the future

The topic of “sauna with children” is controversial. Despite widespread support and growing scientific data, some critics remain skeptical. Remember that every child is unique and may have a different sauna experience than your child. We advise that you consult a physician beforehand to ensure that your child can safely participate in sauna activities. This way, visiting the sauna with your child will be enjoyable and stress-free for everyone involved.


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