Rest and relaxation from everyday stress

Relaxation is the opposite of the stress response. It is a state of deep rest that can be brought about in many ways. Below we describe simple ways to relax and recharge your battery.
Switch off from everyday stress

Switch off from everyday stress

Rest and relaxation from everyday stress. The cell phone rings while you are on the phone and at the same time another e-mail comes in that you have to deal with immediately. Stress let up. But that usually doesn’t work out. After work, you try to do your best for your loved ones. Maybe you still have to put up a shelf or iron the laundry. In the long run, that’s pretty exhausting. You’ll probably find yourself on the weekend, not really wanting to do anything. When that happens, you need some time off. And we wouldn’t be a sauna magazine if we didn’t advise you to spend relaxing hours in the heat. We’ll tell you how to really unwind in the comforting heat.

In between to your favorite bath

Don’t wait for your vacation. Treat yourself regularly to a little time out from everyday stress in the sauna. How often is up to you. But you should sweat at least once a week. You will find that stress and hustle and bustle will fall away from you as soon as you enter the bathroom.You change your clothes, take a short shower and you are already standing in front of the promising sweat lodges.

The heat unfolds its effect immediately. All muscles relax and the mind follows in a flash. In the comforting warmth, you will also breathe deeply and the music will help your brain to switch off. The light does the rest: namely, it is able to positively influence your mood.

You can spend your rest breaks in a comfortable deck chair or in the whirlpool. The warm water caresses your body and you relax even more deeply. Simply wonderful. It’s just a pity that the pleasure is over so quickly.

Sometimes it just has to be more

If you sweat regularly, you’re already doing quite a bit right to escape the stress of everyday life. But you should treat yourself to a whole weekend of wellness at regular intervals. Take your loved one to a beautiful hotel in the mountains or by the sea. Where to, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you find peace and quiet there. The important thing is that your hotel has a sauna. Take advantage of the offer and try the various treatments. A massage, for example.

How about a rental sauna?

If you are looking for even more relaxation, you can also sweat in the great outdoors. In the forest, for example, this is possible thanks to mobile sauna barrels, which you can rent from many providers. You have them all to yourself and your loved ones. Or you can venture out on a sauna raft. You can also rent one, which is possible near Berlin. In the raft, you can enjoy the absolute tranquility and the magnificent view of the water.

Now you just have to choose an option and escape from everyday stress. You will see: As long as you rely on the power of comforting warmth, you will relax.


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