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In our guide you will of course also find sauna worth knowing. Because saunas have long been more than just simple wooden huts with cozy warmth. There are great differences in temperature, effect and benefit. We want to provide you with as comprehensive an overview as possible and have written a number of articles for you on sauna facts. A work that is far from finished. After all, development never stops – and neither does our research.

Discover the advantages of the nude sauna

Why the nude sauna is so popular: A look behind the facade

Nude sauna is a very popular place where people can relax and experience freedom. But what makes the nude sauna so special? In this post, let’s take a look behind the facade and learn more about the reasons why the nude sauna is so popular. Let’s go on a journey together and find out more about the benefits and advantages of this unique experience.

Natural help for allergies: The best essential oils to relieve symptoms

Fragrant wonder weapons: Essential oils in the fight against allergies

It’s amazing, but essential oils can be an effective weapon in the fight against allergies. These fragrant wonder weapons are not only pleasant, but also easy to use – and they work! Read more about the therapeutic properties of essential oils and learn how to fight your allergies naturally.

Why good posture can lead to a more intense sauna experience

The perfect posture in the sauna: what you should pay attention to

A visit to the sauna offers numerous health benefits, but it is not only the temperature and humidity that influence the sauna experience. Choosing the right posture is also of great importance. The question arises, which postures are best in the sauna and what advantages they offer.

The advantages of a home sauna for your health

Home saunas – How much is an investment in your own health?

Home saunas have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer an excellent opportunity to relax, relieve stress and promote health in the comfort of your own home. But how much does such an investment in one’s own health cost? In this article you will learn all about home saunas, their benefits and associated costs.