What type of sauna are you?

This article aims to help you recognize yourself. We will tell you what type of sauna you are. We also give you tips on how you can make the hot pleasure even more pleasant for yourself - and reveal your personal sauna motto.
From the wellness lover to the businessman

From wellness lover to businessman

Don’t we all go to the sauna for many different reasons? Sure, the hot pleasure is quite healthy. This is already a weighty argument for going to the wooden benches. But one person just wants to relax and have his peace, another prefers to talk, and still others love it as hot as possible. Even business deals are sealed in front of the bubbling stove. As you can see, there are many different types of sauna. But what is particularly important to you?

1. The wellness lover

For you, the sauna is not just about sweating. For you, a visit to the bath is a ceremony – and it has to be planned. Even a day before you go, you think about exactly what you want to do. And please don’t let anyone think you’re satisfied with a little splashing around and a few sauna sessions. You want the complete pampering program. A massage is a must.

But you also like to try something new. A bath in sparkling brine that feels like champagne, for example. But going to the hot room is still the highlight of a relaxing day for you. Here, too, you love something special and visit the peeling infusion, for example. In this way, you not only benefit from the health advantages of the hot pleasure. You also care for your skin at the same time. After your day in the bath, you will feel as if you have been reborn.

The motto for your sauna day: Here I relax, here I am a human being.

Our sauna tip for you: The new design sauna with an Asian touch.

What you would never do in the heat: Sit upstairs. You’re not looking for the extreme heat, you want to relax.

2. The skin care conscious

You know that your skin is your largest organ – and it needs to be kept healthy. And you rely on the power of healthy heat to do just that. However, you wouldn’t leave anything to chance. That’s why you approach your relaxing day in a planned way.

For example, you remember to take special care creams with you. You can apply them to your skin before going to the sauna. Because the pores widen, the caring ingredients can work especially well.

But that’s not all the soothing warmth does for your skin on a day like this. You also visit the salt infusion. During the break, rub yourself especially thoroughly with the white crystals. This will make your skin especially clean.

But the highlight for you is the honey infusion. After all, the sweet juice contains many caring substances and clears the skin. In the evening, you’ll be happy to see your skin soft to the touch. But don’t forget to apply lotion.

The motto for your sauna day: Only the best for my skin.

Our sauna tip for you: a sauna that combines heat and steam.

What you would never do in the heat: Miss the salt and honey infusion.

3. The health conscious

That sauna bathing is healthy, probably everyone knows. But for you, this fact is in the foreground. You know that the alternation between heat and cold exercises your arteries and thus prevents high blood pressure. In this respect, you always get the most out of a relaxing day. You cool down, but take care when doing so. Just jump into the plunge pool? You would never do that. You’d rather take a lukewarm shower.

But the heat can not only do a lot for your heart, you are also aware of that. You also train your immune system here and ensure that you stay healthy during the cold season. The pleasant warmth even helps against venous disorders – and of course you want to make the most of this effect.

Of course, you leave nothing to chance on your sauna day. You specifically look for the health-promoting offers and of course the Kneipp pool is not safe from you.

The motto for your sauna day: a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

Our sauna tip for you: In the sanarium you sweat gently, but with lasting effect.

What you would never do in the heat: Give in to the stress and hustle and bustle of others. You need to rest to keep your body healthy.

4. The fun guy

You are a Finn at heart. The inventors of the sauna like to socialize in the heat and take very little seriously there. Why should they? After all, everyone sits naked on the wooden benches. And that’s exactly how you want it. Quietness is out of place there. You get bored pretty quickly. So that this does not happen, you have of course come with a few friends.

So you always have entertainment. The others may turn up their noses. Let them have their peace elsewhere. But you also have fans in the sauna. Many guests are happy that they are no longer condemned to silence. They join in the conversation. More people, more fun.

Of course, what you’re looking for most in the bath is action. It can’t be wild enough for you. You can often be found at the beer infusion in particular. In the top row, of course. You’re not a sissy after all. Afterwards, of course, you jump into the ice-cold lake.

The motto for your sauna day: Whatever is fun is allowed.

Our sauna tip for you: a trip to the Finnish sauna, together with good friends, of course.

What you would never do in the heat: Switch off

5. The sportsman

You take care of your health and that’s why you do sports regularly. You are constantly looking for new challenges. Of course, you know that the sauna helps you with your fitness program. You seek out the heat especially after a long session at the gym. After all, it gives your muscles a chance to relax. And also the sore muscles hardly have a chance. And, of course, you appreciate the effect that the comforting heat helps you build fitness.

You don’t need any major highlights for this. A Finnish sauna in the gym is quite enough for you. But you still enjoy a good infusion and cheer when you’re allowed to lend a hand yourself.

The motto for your sauna day: My doctor has a stove and it’s made of wood.

Our sauna tip for you: the banya from Russia. The infusion with birch twigs gets your circulation going especially well.

What you would never do in the heat: Sit with the wimps in the bottom row.

6. The businessman

Your everyday life is characterized by stress and hectic. The phone is constantly ringing and emails reach you every second. You can hardly keep up. But because you put so much effort into it, you still manage to get it done. When you work so hard, you need time to switch off. You find this time regularly in the sauna. Here you can unwind and recharge your batteries.

Of course, things can get a little hot at times. But don’t go for the extremes. 90 degrees in the Finnish sauna is perfectly adequate. But you can still have an infusion. You can enjoy it on the middle bench. You don’t want to overdo it or underdo it.

The motto for your sauna day: Sauna in, everyday life out.

Our sauna tip for you: all saunas that offer you added value: Scent or color therapy, for example.

What you would never do in the heat: Talk to someone about your hectic job.


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