Wellness holidays-wellness trips

Health is our most valuable asset. If it is attacked, our performance, our well-being, simply the entire quality of life decreases. Therefore, we are increasingly paying attention to a lifestyle that is good for us. It's about work-life balance and physical as well as mental equilibrium. Everyone may and should listen to their body and its needs and meet them. In this context, wellness has been on the rise for years.
Wellness holidays-wellness trips

Wellness holidays-Wellness trips for our health

The term wellness comes from English and means something like “well-being”. In general understanding, wellness combines a wide range of possibilities and treatments designed to increase well-being. In daily life, wellness can be practiced by eating consciously and integrating a sports program into our daily routine. Relaxation phases should not be missing either. But all these measures are sometimes not enough to stay balanced and efficient. Wellness trips are a good way to recharge our batteries.

What are the benefits of a wellness trip?

A wellness vacation combines time out from everyday life with soothing treatments. Body and soul are pampered at the same time, and strength is replenished. A trip around half the globe is not necessary for this. Already, a short vacation in Germany can bring mad relaxation and fill up the memories for months. There are many offerers, who offer times out in the form of complete Wellnessreisen or individual arrangements in a Wellnesshotel in mad environment.

Decisive for successful wellness trips are the recognition of one’s own needs and the selection of the appropriate wellness hotel. The arrangements of the offerers are various. They range from the possibility of booking individual treatments to a holistically planned time-out. How much time you want to plan for yourself during your wellness vacation should be considered in advance.

Short vacation wellness

A short vacation under complete guidance can be quite an experience. In Germany, there are a variety of offers in different environments. For example, a long weekend at the coast with various massages, sauna visits and a guided horseback ride on the beach can be wonderful. But also, a few days in the mountains with a hike and treatments with local herbs can work wonders. The choice is wide and certainly something suitable for every taste.

The healing effects of water and heat

In whatever region of Germany, the wellness vacation may be located – applications with sauna or thermal spa visits are a core element in almost every offer. A well-equipped spa is a basic requirement for a great wellness vacation. A spa relies on the positive effects of water. Whether in a sauna or in thermal baths, heat and high humidity bring relaxation and have a positive effect on muscles and joints. Almost incidentally, the soul is stroked.

Sauna facilities and thermal baths

Good sauna facilities have a selection of different saunas. Whether through a visit to the color sauna, deep breathing in a steam bath or the Finnish sauna – there is something for everyone. Thermal baths pamper us with weightless drifting or swimming in warm thermal water. We can leave stress behind for hours and pamper the soul.

The heat in saunas releases tension in the muscles and the pores of the skin are opened. Subsequent treatments, such as a nice massage with oils, have much more effect on our well-being as a result. Due to the deep penetration of the active ingredients into the skin, the effect lasts for a long time.

Thermal water and its healing properties

If the choice falls on a stay in a thermal spa, the body benefits from the warm thermal water that emerges from deep rock layers to the earth’s surface. Due to its long journey to the earth’s surface, this water is heavily enriched with minerals. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin during a relaxing bath or even active swimming. Even a healing effect on the joints is said to the bath in the thermal bath. Thus, positive effects on chronic joint diseases and rheumatism can be observed. Allergies of the skin are also reduced by the mineralization of the water.

Holistic treatments in the short vacation

If the wellness vacation is to be placed entirely in the hands of the professional staff of a wellness hotel, it will probably take some overcoming at first. But this step can be a really positive experience. If the individual treatments are timed by professional staff, the effect is sure to be maximum. Supported by a conscious diet with the best ingredients, a great relaxation effect can be achieved in a very short time. The body is specifically supplied with the necessary nutrients for a few days and is freed from tension and toxins through targeted applications.

Body and mind

After such a vacation, body and mind are at rest and can return completely liberated. Even if it is unfamiliar at first – giving up responsibility also brings our mind to rest. After a few days off, the responsibilities and problems will be there again anyway. Why not live without them for a few days?


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