The advantages of textile saunas

Textile sauna in Germany

In Germany, there is a new health trend called textile sauna. In these wellness oases, guests sauna in swimwear. In a sauna of this type, visitors enjoy a home atmosphere of well-being. You can enjoy the same benefits of the previous spas in Germany while taking a sauna.

Wellness holidays-wellness trips

Wellness holidays-wellness trips

Health is our most valuable asset. If it is attacked, our performance, our well-being, simply the entire quality of life decreases. Therefore, we are increasingly paying attention to a lifestyle that is good for us. It’s about work-life balance and physical as well as mental equilibrium. Everyone may and should listen to their body and its needs and meet them. In this context, wellness has been on the rise for years.

A relaxed evening among girlfriends

Girls night in the sauna

It is well known that a visit to the sauna is healthy and increases well-being. It is not for nothing that the Finnish tradition has clearly prevailed in Germany in recent decades.