Girls night in the sauna

It is well known that a visit to the sauna is healthy and increases well-being. It is not for nothing that the Finnish tradition has clearly prevailed in Germany in recent decades.
A relaxed evening among girlfriends

A relaxing evening among girlfriends

Whether in adventure pools, spa facilities or wellness hotels – a visit to the sauna is a real treat for body and soul. For this reason, the sauna is also a wonderful place to spend an evening with your best girlfriends. However, if you are planning a girls’ night out in the sauna, there are a few things you should know and keep in mind to ensure that the event is a complete success.

Girls’ night out in the sauna: the right location is crucial

If you want to visit the sauna with your best friends and treat yourself to a wellness evening, you can choose from a wide variety of locations. For example, you can treat yourself to a time-out from the stress of everyday life in an adventure pool in your own city or in a classic spa.

When choosing a location, it is important that – depending on the number of people – you can also go to the sauna together. Of course, a crowded spa where many people crowd into a sauna cabin is hardly fun. On the other hand, an adventure pool that you visit during the week and where the sauna is not the main focus anyway can be the perfect place to be among yourselves.

Respect for other visitors is also important on a girls’ night out

Of course, during a girls’ night out spent together with your best girlfriends, there’s nothing more exciting than lots of conversation, gossip. News is exchanged, problems are discussed and much more. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain respect for other visitors in a public sauna. This means: If there is another stranger in the sauna cabin, loud conversations, giggles, and the like should be avoided – otherwise the sauna visit quickly becomes unpleasant. After all, everyone visits the sauna cabin to get some peace and quiet.

Wellness packages for girlfriends

However, if you want to be sure to be alone, many places now offer the option of booking special girls’ evening packages for you and your girlfriends. Thermal spas as well as hotels and spas now offer such events. The sauna – or even the entire wellness area – is then reserved for a certain period of time, so that no other people have access to it and one remains completely among oneself. Often even a glass of champagne is served in addition, so that one can relax completely. Such girlfriend events are popular, for example, as a highlight for a bachelorette party.

Why a girls’ night in the sauna is always worthwhile

Spending time together strengthens friendship – so a girls’ night out with your dearest girlfriends in the sauna is always a great way to see each other again. Especially in the hectic of everyday life, there is often no time for each other, so that you see each other far too rarely. Combining wellness and friendship is a great way to get some rest and maintain your social contacts at the same time.

Sauna is more than just a wellness day

In addition, most people focus on the health aspect of a sauna visit: the heat strengthens the immune system, transports waste products and toxins out of the body and promotes the cardiovascular system. Blood circulation is stimulated in the long term, which at the same time leads to rosy, plump skin. Skin impurities disappear during regular visits to the sauna, as the heat opens the pores and cleanses deeply from within.

The rapid change from heat to cold stimulates the body to balance its temperature – this can be very beneficial, especially in the winter months, to be more resistant to colds. A visit to the sauna is always good for you, and it’s also a lot more fun if you spend the time together with your girlfriends!


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