Textile sauna in Germany

In Germany, there is a new health trend called textile sauna. In these wellness oases, guests sauna in swimwear. In a sauna of this type, visitors enjoy a home atmosphere of well-being. You can enjoy the same benefits of the previous spas in Germany while taking a sauna.
The advantages of textile saunas

What is a textile sauna?

In principle, a textile sauna offers the same benefits that health-conscious people can enjoy when taking a textile-free sauna. The operators guarantee their guests relaxation at a high level. They can relax at different temperatures, feel good and do something good for their body.

The majority of the population knows the benefits of a regular sauna visit. The heat acts like a natural detoxification cure on the body. Both the skin and internal organs benefit from this detox process. People with skin problems report significant improvement in their symptoms.

Others, who are frequently prone to infectious diseases, have noticed a remarkable strengthening of their immune system. They no longer pick up every viral infection during the cold season thanks to weekly visits to the sauna. A sauna visit is furthermore the epitome for a personal time-out, which helps the one who saunas to reduce stress.

Not everyone wants to be naked

In the past, sauna-goers could merely enjoy the benefits of a sweat bath in the nude. However, many people have a certain sense of shame that keeps them from taking regular saunas. Therefore, the textile sauna in Germany is a perfect alternative to the conventional variant. It is especially suitable for sauna novices. Visitors can use the wellness services without shame.

Textile sauna for families with children

In other countries, this trend has been common for a long time. In Germany, however, wellness operators are only now discovering the benefits of saunas in swimwear. Textile saunas are ideal for families with children. In spas that offer warm bathing, they are an excellent addition. Guests can leave their bathing suits on and go to the sauna to relax after swimming.

What do you wear in a textile sauna?

Do not enter the textile sauna wearing wet swimwear. A bathing suit or trunks that are too tight can cause heat buildup and interfere with blood circulation. Swimwear with residues of chlorine and chemicals will cause respiratory irritation. As an alternative to swimwear, we recommend the sauna kilt for men and women. The advantage of this is freedom of movement without feeling constricted. Thus, dressed you can enjoy a sauna bath carefree.

Important: Even if you are clothed, you must take a towel with you into the sauna. After all, no one wants to sit on a completely sweaty sauna bench!

Textile saunas in Germany

The number of textile saunas in Germany is permanently increasing. In a near future, the novel wellness offers could push the conventional nude saunas from their throne. Numerous spas and wellness oases have discovered the benefits of this trend. Meanwhile, many cities in Germany offer saunas in swimwear. One of these is the well-known textile sauna called Monte Mare in Kreuzau. You can find more textile saunas in Germany at the end of the article.


Summary: Advantages of a textile sauna

  • Perfect for sauna novices
  • Ideal for families with children
  • Psychological pressure “nudity compulsion” is prevented
  • The fear threshold of prying eyes is lowered
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Saunas strengthen the circulation
  • Defenses are produced
  • The airways become free again
  • The skin texture is refined
  • Muscles and ligaments are relaxed by the heat
  • The well-being is increased
  • Stress is reduced
  • Life expectancy is increased with regular use
  • Health problems can be alleviated
  • Organs are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients
  • Regular sauna use can lower blood pressure
  • Sleep disorders can be alleviated
  • and much more…


Regular sauna visits not only strengthen the immune system, but also stimulate blood circulation. A significant improvement of the skin condition is only a nice side effect. Sauna-goers also speak of improved breathing. Numerous fitness studios have an integrated sauna. In this way, athletes can effectively relax their muscles after training. In addition, the sweat baths can lower blood pressure in a natural and health-friendly way. Therefore, the introduction of the textile variant for the people with a high sense of shame was a smart move with an enormous potential for development.

Textile saunas in Germany

These operators of spas and saunas also offer textile saunas. Simple search by postal code with address and website link.

24351Ostseebad Dampostsee resort damp GmbHWebsite
33102PaderbornPaderBäder GmbHWebsite
34131Kassel-Bad WilhemshöheKURHESSEN THERMEWebsite

35614AßlarLaguna AßlarWebsite
36304AlsfeldAlsfelder Bäder GmbHWebsite
38114BraunschweigStadtbad Braunschweig Sport und Freizeit GmbHWebsite
44627HerneRevierpark Gysenberg Herne GmbHWebsite


49565BramscheStadtwerke Bramsche GmbHWebsite
50676KölnKöln Bäder GmbHWebsite
52372Kreuzau bei Dürenmonte mareWebsite
58840PlettenbergAquaMagis Plettenberg GmbHWebsite
59368WerneSolebad WerneWebsite
66271 Rilchingen-HanweilerSaarland Therme GmbH & Co. KGWebsite
72250Freudenstadt im SchwarzwaldPanorama Bad FreudenstadtWebsite
72574Bad Urachalb THERMENWebsite
73033GöppingenBarbarossa THERMENWebsite
76829Landau in der PfalzLAOLAWebsite

83486RamsauRehlegg BerghotelWebsite
88326AulendorfSchwaben-Therme AulendorfWebsite
88422Bad BuchauAdelindis ThermeWebsite
85435ErdingTherme ErdingWebsite
94249BodenmaisHOTEL HOFBRÄUHAUSWebsite

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