Tips against cold and sniffles

A cold is probably the most common illness in humans. These are triggered by many factors. All it takes is a simple handshake or touching a doorknob. Here are some tips to strengthen their immune system and better fight off infections.
Natural helpers against cold and sniffles

Natural helpers against cold and sniffles

Tips against colds and runny nose. Colds are one of those annoying troublemakers that really mess up the daily lives of those affected. A permanent cough as well as a tormenting cold, fever, headache, and pain in the limbs paralyze the sufferers so much that they can hardly leave their bed during the cold phase. Thereby, the susceptible individuals can protect themselves against a cold with simple methods. Time-tested home remedies, a regular visit to the Finnish sauna or continuous exercise can work wonders.

Regularly visiting a sauna strengthens body and mind

For a long time, the majority of the population considered that going to the sauna is an expensive luxury action. However, the leaders of gyms have shaken this opinion. Since today’s personal trainers also act as health advisors, they were able to prove, based on numerous studies, that a sauna belongs in every gym. They justified this thesis with the claim that the popular sweat baths, strengthen immunity and thus contribute to maintaining health.

Medical experts have found that people who practice sauna bathing at least once a week have stable circulation and blood pressure. The immune system benefits from the high temperatures and is therefore less susceptible to all flu viruses. In addition, weekly sauna sessions have a positive effect on the largest sensory organ, the skin.

Sauna bathing improves the blood circulation of the skin and further protects it from drying out. Furthermore, the relaxing sauna sessions have a positive influence on the autonomic nervous system. Sauna bathing thus combines relaxation of body and mind. This union is extremely important for the prevention of flu infections, as the two components are inseparable.

Strengthen the immune system with a balanced diet

Regular consumption of meals is one of the basic human needs. That is why nutritionists advocate a varied diet. This should include all vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. A sufficient supply of the entire vitamin complex can counteract numerous infections. Zinc, iodine and unsaturated fats are also among the nutrients that everyone needs for a strong immune system.

Cereal products are known for their high vitamin B complex. Foods whose color is red or orange are high in vitamin A. Nuts and pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, contain zinc and vitamin E. Oily fish contain iodine as well as unsaturated fatty acids. Legumes are characterized by a high protein content. Athletic people need this to maintain their trained muscle mass.

Vitamin C for the immune system

Vitamin C is also one of the indispensable agents of a good immune defense. It is known for its immune system strengthening effect. Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C. Vegetables, such as peppers or potatoes also contain this valuable nutrient. However, the problem with this beneficial substance is that it dissolves in water.

Those who consume enough fruits and vegetables should also know that they excrete the ingested vitamin C through their urine. For this reason, health-conscious individuals should consume foods that contain vitamin C throughout the day. The body can only store this valuable nutrient for a short period of time.

Iron is also one of the nutrients that are essential for a strong immune system. A chronic iron deficiency weakens the body. This makes it more susceptible to infections. Red meat and green foods, such as spinach, broccoli, or arugula, are known for their high iron content. Dried fruits, such as apricots, also contain a large amount of this vital mineral.

Regular exercise strengthens the immune system

Sports are one of the natural preventive methods. Those who regularly participate in sports can confirm this fact. Athletes not only have a strong immune system, but also feel less tired. They are usually more balanced and can avoid stress for this reason. This is especially important because mental tension and strain have a negative effect on the body.

People who cannot cope with stress are more likely to catch a cold. That is why health advisors recommend that both children and adults integrate a regular sports program into their daily routine.

It plays a minor role whether the sport is physically demanding or relaxing. Both types of exercise effectively prevent flu-like infections. Those who are members of a sports club can finish their work-out with a subsequent sauna bath. Their body will be grateful to them for this feel-good ritual. In addition, active individuals should always make sure to consume an adequate amount of fluids. They should drink between two and three liters of water daily.

Known home remedies that fight flu

However, the winter season is considered to be the season of colds. Therefore, even athletes and health-conscious people can catch a flu virus. They can consume either chemical medications or herbal remedies to cure themselves after catching it. However, a hot bath with essential oils revitalizes the body and soul in a natural way. It has a meditative effect. Eucalyptus and peppermint are among the most popular remedies. The mentioned plants clear the nose, relieve headaches and aches in the limbs and relax the muscles.

Doctors recommend people who are plagued by a troublesome cough or cold to inhale. This process clears the airways and moistens the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. The plant called chamomile is particularly popular among sufferers. It scores highly for its anti-inflammatory effects. Patients can then conclude this ritual with a soothing cold drink.


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