The right way to cool down after a sauna session – how to avoid colds

Sauna is a popular relaxation method that offers many health benefits. In addition to relaxation, it helps strengthen the immune system. However, sometimes you hear that you can catch a cold while taking a sauna. In this article, you will learn the importance of proper cooling after the sauna and how to avoid colds.
Sauna and cooling - why is it so important?
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Sauna and cooling down – why is it so important?

When taking a sauna, the body temperature rises because the hot environment strongly heats up the organism. The cooling down phase is crucial to bring the body temperature back to a normal level. This cooling down has a positive effect on the immune system and helps to prevent colds. However, it is important to perform the cool down properly to avoid possible risks.

The right cooling – this is what you should pay attention to

  • Don’t wait too long: Don’t wait too long to cool down until you start to shiver. Start cooling down early enough to avoid hypothermia or over cooling.
  • Don’t overdo the cold water: avoid dousing yourself with ice-cold water or bathing in cold water. The goal is to cool the body, not hypothermia it.
  • Do not cool down incompletely: do not return to the hot sauna room half cooled down after taking a sauna, or alternate between sauna sessions without sufficient cooling. This will overload the body’s own regulation system.

The right time for cooling down

The right time to cool down is critical. Don’t leave the sauna room immediately, and don’t cool down outdoors for too long. Ideally, you should first spend a few minutes in the fresh air after the sauna to cool down slowly.

The right measure for post-sauna sweating

After the sauna session, many choose to increase sweating by taking an extra step to intensify the positive effect. But here, too, caution is advised. If some areas of the skin, such as the head and neck, are not covered during this post-sweat ritual, they will give off increased heat. This can cause these areas to be sensitive to drafts and cold stimuli, which in turn can promote a cold.

The importance of proper temperature regulation

The most important component in preventing colds after a sauna session is clear and distinct temperature regulation in the body. A vigorous alternation between heat and cold stimulates the temperature regulators in the organism, which strengthens the immune system and minimizes the risk of catching a cold.


Sauna is a wonderful way to relax and strengthen the immune system. Proper cooling down after the sauna session is crucial to bring the body temperature back to a normal level and avoid possible colds. Be careful not to wait too long, not to over cool yourself, and not to cool down incompletely. Consciously alternating between heat and cold promotes temperature regulation in the body and helps you fully enjoy the beneficial effects of the sauna without fear of catching a cold.


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