The perfect posture in the sauna: what you should pay attention to

A visit to the sauna offers numerous health benefits, but it is not only the temperature and humidity that influence the sauna experience. Choosing the right posture is also of great importance. The question arises, which postures are best in the sauna and what advantages they offer.
Why good posture can lead to a more intense sauna experience
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Why good posture can lead to a more intense sauna experience

There are many different ways to take a sauna. Likewise, you can adopt different postures in the sauna: Sitting or lying, on your stomach or on your back – you have several options. But have you ever wondered when which posture is suitable and what benefits the different postures bring?

1. the choice of the right place

In a sauna there are different temperature zones, from the lowest to the highest bench. The higher you sit, the warmer it is. Choose a seat that meets your individual needs to ensure the best possible relaxation and posture.

2. the correct sitting position

The ideal sitting position in the sauna is a relaxed, natural posture. Avoid leaning forward or backward too much, as this can cause muscle tension and uneven heat distribution. An upright posture with slightly open legs and relaxed shoulders is recommended.

In the sauna, you usually sweat more in an upright sitting position than in a lying position because your head is higher than your body, reaching warmer layers of air. This can increase the sweating process. To mitigate this effect, you can switch to the lower banks.

3. breathing and relaxation

Breathing plays an essential role in regulating body temperature and relaxation. Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose to increase oxygenation and lower blood pressure. This also helps to relax the muscles and improve posture.

4. the use of pillows or towels.

To ensure optimal posture in the sauna, it is advisable, sauna pillows (at Amazon) or towels to use. These can be placed under the knees, buttocks or back to reduce pressure on the spine and relax the muscles.

5. the correct lying position

If you want to lie down in the sauna, make sure that your spine forms a straight line. If necessary, use a small pillow or towel to support the neck and lumbar spine. This position promotes relaxation and prevents unpleasant pressure points.

6. sauna on the belly

A popular position in the sauna is lying on the stomach. In this position, especially the back is penetrated by the heat, which can help relieve everyday stress as well as back pain. The heat can have a positive effect on the back muscles and reduce tension and discomfort in the back.

7. stretching exercises and gentle movements

Gentle stretching exercises and light movements can help loosen muscles and improve posture. However, be careful not to stretch or move too intensely, as this can lead to overexertion and injury in the heat of the sauna.

8. vary the posture in the sauna

There are several ways to sit or lie in the sauna. To avoid a feeling of dizziness, it is recommended to adopt an upright sitting position before the infusion and in the last minutes before leaving the sauna. If you have been lying on the upper sauna bench for a long time before, switching to a lower sauna bench can help to equalize the temperature difference between the head and foot areas. During the sauna session you are free to decide which position is most comfortable for you and try out what is best for your body and health.

9. pay attention to your individual needs

Every person is unique and therefore has different needs in terms of optimal posture in the sauna. Listen to your body and adjust your posture accordingly for maximum comfort and relaxation.


Good posture in the sauna contributes significantly to relaxation and general well-being. Follow the tips and advice above to achieve and maintain the best possible posture during your sauna session. This way you can make the most of the health benefits of the sauna and enjoy a relaxing and pleasant stay.


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