The best scents against mosquitoes and co.

To protect against mosquitoes, it doesn't always have to be the chemical mace, as certain oils and fragrances provide excellent natural mosquito protection.
What essential oils are suitable for mosquito repellent

Which essential oils are suitable as mosquito repellent?

The best scents against mosquitoes and co. The high season of mosquitoes, mosquitoes or other pests is the summer, but in our latitudes they can still be active in autumn. A mosquito bite not only causes unpleasant pain, swelling and redness, but also represents a risk of infection as an entry point for pathogens.

Mosquitoes like human sweat

Mosquitoes are attracted by the combination of body odor and carbon dioxide from the air they breathe. This cocktail has an irresistible effect on the various species of mosquitoes. It is therefore useful to repel the pests in such a way that they no longer want to bite in the first place. And exactly this effect can be achieved with a gentle, natural insect repellent.

High-quality, naturally pure essential oils for mosquito repellence

As a particularly effective biological weapon against mosquitoes and other pests, essential oils are considered special plant extracts. Highly effective against mosquitoes are, for example, the essential oils of clove, cinnamon, sandalwood, peppermint, rose geranium, lavender, eucalyptus, citronella or lemongrass. These essential oils can be used either individually, but also in sensibly coordinated combinations. In doing so, the individual scents should match each other in the mixing ratio so that no intrusive or unpleasant odor is created. Essential oils of all kinds should always be dosed very sparingly, because too high concentrations are counterproductive.

Individual mosquito protection

Essential oils for mosquito repellent can be used, for example, as a body spray, as a room spray, as a body oil, in shower lotions or for room scenting. Then a few drops of the desired essential oil are evaporated in hot water. The effect against mosquitoes is long-lasting, and the essential oils also have a pleasant health effect.

What scents keep mosquitoes away?

Refreshing scents such as citronella, peppermint, or lemongrass stand for activity, purity and freshness, and also effectively drive away pests. Special devices for room scenting can also be filled with essential oils and then exude the pleasant scent for long-lasting mosquito repellent. In bedrooms, it makes sense to start the scenting about 1 hour before going to bed and in particular not to leave out the areas of windows, doors, or curtains when scenting.

Those who do not tolerate essential oils, simply use coconut oil

An insect-repelling anti-mosquito spray can be used to lightly spray the bed and curtains before bedtime. This will ensure a mosquito-free, comfortable night’s rest. The organic mosquito spray can also be made by yourself from 50 ml of distilled water, 4 ml of Feeling Absorber, 8 drops of citronella oil, 5 drops of lavender oil and 2 drops each of patchouli and peppermint oil. This all-natural mixture is as effective as it is economical. All ingredients are simply mixed together in a blue glass bottle and tightly closed again after use. Shake well each time before using again.

Is there an expiration date for mosquito repellent?

The shelf life of the homemade mosquito spray is about 3 months, even without preservatives, and is also suitable for use on children over 4 years of age. However, essential oils should not be used for mosquito repellent for babies, but also for particularly sensitive people. For cooling skin care, but also for defense against the pesky pests, then virgin coconut oil in organic quality has proven very successful. It has very skin-caring properties, is anti-allergic, smells fine, but smells very unattractive to mosquitoes and therefore keeps them from biting.


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