Steam sauna: people under steam and its effect

A conventional sauna such as a Finnish sauna is quite strenuous for the body and not particularly pleasant for some. An alternative to such a sauna is the steam sauna. The steam sauna is mild and very relaxing. In this article you will learn what speaks for a steam sauna.
Steam sauna - The effect on body and mind

Steam sauna – The effect on body and mind

Steam sauna is a modified version of the traditional sauna. The inhabitants of ancient times already knew the beneficial effects of rooms filled with warm steam. They felt the positive effects that a steam sauna had on their mind and body. They also realized that the two components are inseparable. Over time, different variants developed from the original concept.

A steam sauna is characterized by good tolerability

Compared to a Finnish sauna, whose maximum temperature reaches a value of 212 °F, the steam sauna impresses with its low temperature values. It is suitable both for beginners and for people who can not stand high temperatures. However, there are also steam sauna versions whose air gives the feeling of burning on the skin. Even a few minutes is a challenge in this type of sauna.

The temperatures of the conventional steam sauna range from 115 to 140 °F. In addition, there are other variants such as the Turkish steam bath, the Russian banya, the Japanese sento and the Roman caldarium. However, the temperature values of these expressions of the steam sauna are a little higher than the mentioned values. However, the effect on health can be compared with the conventional sauna, which is much warmer. Also, in a steam sauna the blood circulation of the visitors is stimulated. Joint or muscle pain is gently relieved.

Proven beneficial effects of the steam sauna

The skin appears smoother after a visit to the steam sauna. It also feels less dry. Thanks to the increased sweat output, a gentle detoxification process occurs, during which the body eliminates toxins through the pores of the skin. Doctors, alternative practitioners and scientists have observed that the general well-being improves with the help of regular steam sauna visits. The problem of inner restlessness as well as sleep disorders diminish with time. The steam sauna contributes to the inner peace of the visitors.

However, in order to enjoy a steam sauna session, guests should have a stable circulation. People who have circulatory problems as well as high blood pressure should rather consult with their doctor before heading to a steam sauna. Since the body also sweats heavily in a steam bath, hydration is required immediately after a sauna visit.

Fight against immune diseases

Immune diseases have bad cards with a regular visit to the steam sauna. Also, according to scientists, the low temperatures of the steam bath put the body into an artificial fever. This effectively kills viruses and other pathogens.

Cleaner and smoother skin

Sweat intensively cleanses the skin. The skin of the face, décolleté and back benefits from this gentle cleansing. Impurities gently subside. Compared to aggressive, chemical agents, the steam sauna does not dry out problem skin. Instead, it helps it to heal itself.


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