Why don't the French go to the sauna naked?

Sauna culture in France

The shame of the Grande Nation. Those who expect freedom of movement in the saunas of France are mistaken. Nothing works here without swimwear. And it should additionally be high necked. So the ladies please in a swimsuit and the men choose a not too skimpy swimsuit. Where does that come from?

What is a Hammam?

The advantages of a hammam

Hamam is a true panacea, because the heat and moisture are extremely beneficial to the body and health. Some people find the heat in the hamam more bearable than in a classic sauna because of the very high humidity (almost 100%).

Steam sauna - The effect on body and mind

Steam sauna: people under steam and its effect

A conventional sauna such as a Finnish sauna is quite strenuous for the body and not particularly pleasant for some. An alternative to such a sauna is the steam sauna. The steam sauna is mild and very relaxing. In this article you will learn what speaks for a steam sauna.