Simply sweat away stress and tension

Inner restlessness, tension and stress are widespread phenomena in our performance-oriented society. If not counteracted, negative stress can also become a danger to one's own health, both physically and psychologically.
Stress can be sweated away!

Stress can be sweated away!

Simply sweat away stress and tension. With a sauna session, you can restore your inner balance in no time. That’s why even experts recommend visiting the sauna regularly, so that you can benefit from all the positive effects in the best possible way. The word sauna alone stands for inner peace and balance, relaxation and stress relief. A sauna visit is as simple as it is effective when it comes to stress reduction. The fast pace of modern life, constantly increasing demands in family and work often lead to physical or mental discomfort. The sauna not only has a preventive, i.e. prophylactic effect, but also helps when signs of stress already dominate everyday life.

Symptoms of stress should never be permanently ignored

Sleep disorders, abdominal complaints, muscle tension, high blood pressure, inner tension and restlessness or headaches are only a small selection of possible stress-related complaints. Therefore, as part of self-care to reduce stress, a regular visit to the sauna should always be aimed for. Certainly, visiting the sauna takes a little time, but it is like an oasis in everyday life to relax body and mind holistically.

Finnish sauna or bio sauna?

Which type of sauna is chosen to relieve stress is initially a matter of personal taste and preference. However, it has been shown that for relaxation and stress relief, the dry sauna with a minimum of 176 °F has the best effects. This is because the sauna heat is a real benefit for the body.

In the sauna, all the stress of everyday life can simply fall away

Moreover, it is usually quiet and silent in the sauna cabin, this has an additional meditative effect. Of course, the sauna cabin could also be the place to hold conversations, but this should be agreed in advance with all parties. Because first and foremost, the inside of a sauna is a place for rest, meditation and contemplation. Because stress reduction can only happen when the organism comes to rest.

Find peace and serenity in the sauna

In the sauna, it is possible to simply block out everyday demands for a period of time, to concentrate on heartbeat and breathing, and to rid oneself of waste products and harmful substances through sweating. The profound and holistic relaxation in the sauna thus has an effect not only for the moment, but noticeably beyond. Sauna-goers report quite clearly that the relaxing effects of a single sauna session can often still be felt days later.

Sauna as an important component in a holistic relaxation concept

However, not only the stay in the sauna cabin itself, but also the ritual afterward is quite decisive for a profound relaxation. The cooling phase in the plunge pool or shower creates a pleasant temperature change as an effective vascular workout. Over time, this even creates a learning effect for the vascular system to better relieve stress.

Sauna is good for the general mood

The pleasant effects then become apparent in everyday life in the form of a brighter mood, good spirits and simply greater performance. Regular sauna sessions clearly lead to an overall feeling of being more balanced, more motivated and more efficient. So to take time out from everyday stress and relax extensively, saunas in the dry sauna are ideal. And although the sauna is therefore a very important and highly effective method of relaxation, it should always be seen as just one possible component in a holistic wellness concept for stress reduction. As a supportive therapeutic measure for the effective reduction of tension and stress, sauna bathing is in any case indispensable.


A visit to the sauna is therefore an effective means of reducing stress and restoring inner balance. The sauna offers an oasis of relaxation and allows us to relax body and mind in a holistic way. Regular visits to the sauna can have a preventive effect and help alleviate physical and mental discomfort. The choice between different types of saunas is individual, but it has been shown that the dry sauna with high temperature has the best effect. In the sauna cabin, there is a quiet atmosphere, which can have a meditative effect.

The ritual of cooling down with the alternation of heat and cold exercises our vessels and helps the body to better cope with stress. The positive effects of saunas can be seen in everyday life through improved mood, increased performance and an overall balanced feeling. However, sauna should be considered as part of a holistic approach to wellness that also includes other relaxation techniques and stress management strategies. The sauna allows us to find peace and serenity, reduce stress and improve our well-being in the long run.


David Brunner