Sauna and diets

Can the heat in the sauna really melt the fat? No. That would also be too good to be true. You do indeed lose a few kilos through sweating - but that's just water. Already after the next meal or the next drink the scale shows the same value again.
Sauna and diet - is it possible?

Sauna and diet – is it possible?

However, a visit to the sauna during a diet is not useless – quite the opposite. The pleasant heat has a positive effect on the body, which also helps to lose weight. The important thing is that you sweat regularly. In all cases, as is often the case, the temperature does not matter.

The body runs at full speed

Researchers advise visiting the sauna about two to three times a week while dieting. Two to three passes of about a quarter of an hour should always be made. Beginners should possibly leave the sauna after about ten minutes. The body is not yet used to the heat and circulatory problems may occur.

So if you feel unwell, it’s best to get out of the heat right away – and don’t take too cold a shower either. Between the individual sauna courses, Abnehmwillige should rest urgently. About half an hour should be it already, so that all positive effects adjust themselves. In breaks, you should drink sufficiently – water or unsweetened tea naturally.

Boost your metabolism

The best thing the sauna does for us during a diet is boost metabolism. This is mainly a result of the alternation between heat and cold. So, it is recommended to grit your teeth and take a very cold shower after taking a sauna. When our metabolism is running at full speed, the body processes nutrients much better. In particular, it sorts out bad substances such as fats and does not store them. Unfortunately, this effect is always short-lived. It lasts about two to three days. Nevertheless, it is clearly noticeable during a diet.

For sore muscles – off to the sauna

If you do sports during your diet, you will quickly appreciate the benefits of a sweat bath. If you have not been active in sports for a long time, you will quickly get sore muscles. This is due to the fact that the muscles quickly overexert themselves, because they are not used to the new load. If you take a sauna after a workout, you give your battered muscles a chance to relax. This ensures that the risk of muscle soreness is significantly reduced.

However, the pleasant warmth is not a magic cure. Nevertheless, in the days after the first sports units, it can pinch and tweak. But this is perfectly normal and will pass after a few weeks – with the help of the sauna even faster.

Recharge your batteries in the sauna

The positive effect that the sauna has on the psyche should not be underestimated. Those who follow a diet often struggle with the self-imposed restrictions. The pleasant warmth provides an opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries for new tasks. You will see, afterward it falls to you again much more easily to do without for example the tasty coal hydrates.

Those who sauna regularly also feel fitter and healthier in everyday life. It causes significantly fewer problems to complete the daily sports program and to incorporate exercise into everyday life. So the pounds melt away as if on their own.


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