Reasons why some people do not sweat so much in the sauna

The fact that saunas have a positive effect on physical health is undisputed. Regular sauna sessions, during which the body sweats profusely, strengthen the immune system and effectively prevent colds. But what if you just don't sweat in the sauna, or sweat very little?
What happens when you sweat in the sauna

What happens when you sweat in the sauna

Normally, the sweat flows in streams in the sauna. Almost half a liter of sweat is lost by an adult person per sauna session of about 15 minutes. The fluid that the body excretes during sauna comes first from the blood. This is also the reason why the blood becomes slightly more viscous when sweating. Gradually, however, the body also extracts water from the fatty tissue and connective tissue.

This gently eliminates waste products that have accumulated in the body. These processes are the reason why water should not be consumed during sauna sessions. Because the supply of liquid would immediately stop the flushing out of slags. It is therefore important to reach for a glass of water only after the sauna to make up for the loss of fluids.

Technical reasons for low sweating

The reasons why you do not sweat so much in the sauna can be very diverse. One obvious explanation is technical. The first thing to check is whether the sauna cabin has even been heated long enough to allow sweating. To do this, check the temperature. Depending on compatibility, the sauna temperature should be between 70 and 100 °C – throughout the cabin. If the cabin as a whole is not well heated, then the radiant heat of the sauna may be too low in some places to induce sweating.

Cooled down in the sauna

Another reason why you don’t break a sweat in the sauna is because of the initial temperature of the body. If you go to the sauna frozen through from a winter walk and still have cold feet and hands, the body must first be brought to normal temperature. This shortens the time of sweating enormously. A warm shower before the sauna causes that her body is already preheated.

Drying is the key

After the shower, it is extremely important to dry the wet body well with a bath towel. If there is still moisture on the skin when you enter the sauna, it evaporates and cools the body. The latter now no longer has any reason to take action itself and compensate for the temperature by sweating.

Hidden sweating

Another reason why people sweat less in the sauna is because of the dry air. This causes the sweat that forms on the skin is immediately absorbed by the air. This means that you do sweat, but you don’t notice it because the sweat is not visible.

Women generally sweat less

Sweating is a very individual thing. Some people sweat more, others less. Basically, however, women have more sweat glands than men. Nevertheless, men usually sweat more than women. This is because men sweat more per sweat gland than women. In addition, men usually have more muscle mass. This generally ensures a higher body temperature. Men also sweat not only more, but also faster than women.

Sweating can be learned

Those who do not sweat easily in the sauna should not give up too quickly. Because increased sweating is actually trainable. However, this requires regular sauna sessions. The training effect can already be seen during the second sauna session.


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