Is it allowed to use headphones in the sauna?

In today's world, where hectic and stress are the order of the day, a visit to the sauna offers a welcome change. Listening to your favorite music in this quiet environment seems like a good idea. However, the question arises whether headphones are allowed in the sauna or not?
The use of headphones in the sauna is not recommended
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

The use of headphones in the sauna is not recommended

The use of headphones in the sauna is not recommended due to the intense heat. Electronic devices are sensitive and can be damaged by extreme temperatures, which can cause permanent damage. In addition, the moisture from sweat combined with the high humidity in the sauna can lead to corrosion of electronic components such as headphone jacks and cable connectors. This means that using headphones in the sauna can lead to a short circuit or worse!

Headphones are not designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and high humidity of a sauna. Whether they are wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones, or earbuds like AirPods or over-the-ear models, none of these devices are suitable for the conditions in such a room.

Battery-powered headphones can explode

Wireless headphones require batteries to work. Temperatures in saunas or steam rooms can reach 100 °C (212 °F), while the maximum temperature for most battery types should not exceed 60 °C (140 °F). Unfortunately, this means that using wireless headphones in extreme heat and humidity can be dangerous, as most batteries can explode in such conditions.

Automatic shutdown function on various headphones

Many headphones are equipped with an automatic shut-off function that turns on when the temperature is too high – this means that they will stop working after just a short time! To ensure your safety and protect both you and the device from potential damage due to excessive heat exposure. Instead, opt for relaxing music played through heat-resistant speakers, so they can enjoy time without worrying about damage to electronics!

High IPX rating doesn’t protect against condensation

If you’re familiar with IPX ratings, you know that headphones with an IPX7 rating are considered waterproof. If your headphones are exposed to a hot and humid environment for an extended period of time, you need to be aware that condensation can form, potentially damaging the drivers inside. This is because moisture can get inside the headphones through the openings for the speakers and microphones.

Older models or those without a protection rating below IPX7 are therefore more susceptible to this type of water-related damage. Unfortunately, most major brands do not cover damage caused by condensation as part of their warranty policies once their sensors detect such moisture levels inside the device.

Mold and bacteria feel right at home in such conditions

Regular cleaning of your headphones is extremely important. Not only will this reduce the amount of bacteria and mold spores in the ear cushions, but it will also protect you from potential health problems.

This is a simple way to clean them:

  • Remove the pads from the ear cups and wash them with warm soapy water. Then allow everything to air dry – preferably overnight – before reassembling.
  • It’s also a good idea to get new covers for your headset every few months; this will ensure that no dust or other particles can remain inside the headset – where bacteria unfortunately thrive!
  • In the long run, it also helps immensely to keep your headphones clean to avoid damage and infection.

Headphones for use in a sauna or steam room

If you want to enjoy music in a sauna or steam room, it’s important to find headphones specifically designed for such environments. Unfortunately, there aren’t many headphones on the market that are specifically designed for this purpose. However, we have researched and found models that might be suitable for this purpose. However, keep in mind that these types of headphones should only be used in dry rooms, as they won’t last long in humid conditions! Also, make sure to keep the connected cables away from heat sources to avoid damage.

According to the manufacturer, which headphones are suitable for saunas and steam baths?

Aftershokz is the only headphone manufacturer that explicitly supports the use of its headphones in saunas. The Air Open-Ear and Titanium models are specifically designed for this purpose, as they are made of materials like titanium that do not heat up as easily as other materials. For steam rooms, on the other hand, the Aeropex model from Aftershokz is best, as it has an IP rating of 67 and a moisture detection system – if there’s a risk of moisture damage, you’ll be warned, so you can move your device to safety. Another great option for saunas and steam rooms is the Xtrainerz model, which reviews say offers better sound quality than any other product on the market!


It is not advisable to bring headphones and other electronic devices into a sauna or steam room. The extremely high temperatures in these rooms can permanently damage your headphones. Even if the manufacturer’s warranty covers such damage, it’s better to leave your headphones at home when you visit one of these spa facilities to relax. By taking time out from technology, we can better focus on our own well-being and enjoy all the benefits that come with a visit to a sauna or steam room. So why risk damaging expensive technology? Leave your electronic devices behind and really immerse yourself in relaxation!