Hungry after the sauna

Many sauna-goers feel an appetite for a solid meal after a sauna session. In fact, the sauna visit stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the body, loosens muscles and strengthens the immune system. To make the sauna visit a relaxing experience afterward, it is advisable to follow some basic rules.
Why do I always get so hungry from taking a sauna?

Why do I always get so hungry from taking a sauna?

Hungry after a sauna session. For the majority of people, taking a sauna is part of a successful relaxation ritual. Sauna users who regularly visit the wellness oasis make an important contribution to maintaining their health. Stress reduction and strengthening of the immune system are among the main reasons why sauna lovers pay a visit to the heat cabin. People who regularly use the sauna also pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to regular exercise, a healthy and varied diet is also important.

Do not go to the sauna on an empty stomach

Experienced sauna users do not eat heavy meals before visiting the beneficial wellness oasis. Nevertheless, they by no means go to the sauna on an empty stomach. However, since the body sweats heavily during the sauna session, there is an increased need for fluids after taking a sauna. However, the high sweating process also triggers a strong feeling of hunger in many sauna guests. For this reason, numerous swimming pools or fitness clubs offer sauna guests snacks or small meals. Visitors have the choice of enjoying these either before or after their visit to the sauna.

Which meal is best after a sauna visit?

Sweating not only deprives the body of fluids, but also of important nutrients. It is important to add them back to the body with a suitable food. Hunger after a sauna session is a positive sign. Thus, the body has actually made a great effort during the sauna. However, health-conscious sauna-goers do not eat heavy food after their stay. Fast food or greasy food have the opposite effect. Instead of satisfying hunger, these foods cause nausea.

Light food before going to the sauna

Light food does not cause stress reactions in the body. Mixed salads are one of the recommended meals that are allowed after a long stay in the sauna. However, if this is not enough for you, you can enhance your salad with lean meat such as turkey breast. Vegetable soups are also suitable as light food. They are not heavy in the stomach and still satisfy the feeling of hunger. Fish has also proven to be an ideal meal after a sauna.

Fruit – a good alternative

Athletes often enjoy a banana after a strenuous workout. This allows potassium to enter their bloodstream more quickly. Although this piece of fruit is sweet, it still effectively satisfies a small hunger without harming the body. Depending on the time of day, sauna lovers take a fruit salad to do something good for their body. However, they only enjoy this snack throughout the day.

In the evening, responsible sauna-goers give way to salty foods. On a late evening, those who consume fruit strain their blood sugar if they do not exercise afterward. Berries, however, do not belong in this category. Most contain hardly any carbohydrates. Instead, they score high on vitamins and antioxidants.


After a sauna session, there is often an increased feeling of hunger due to the loss of fluids and physical exertion. To support the body, it is recommended to eat light food such as salads, vegetable soups or fish. Fruits, especially berries, are also recommended. Heavy, greasy meals should be avoided. Feeling hungry after a sauna session is a sign that the body needs energy and nutrients. A balanced diet after a sauna session promotes recovery and optimizes the health benefits of sauna.


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