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Deep relaxation through sauna

Restless sleep after sauna

Are you one of those people who feel a certain heaviness in bed after a visit to the sauna? Then you are one of the lucky ones! Because not all sauna visitors have the privilege of a restful night’s sleep. Some even complain of restless sleep after intense sweating. But why is that?

Why do I always get so hungry from taking a sauna?

Hungry after the sauna

Many sauna-goers feel an appetite for a solid meal after a sauna session. In fact, the sauna visit stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the body, loosens muscles and strengthens the immune system. To make the sauna visit a relaxing experience afterward, it is advisable to follow some basic rules.

The sauna as an effective alternative therapy for the relief of ringing in the ears

Tinnitus under control: The sauna as an effective alternative therapy

Are you looking for ways to treat tinnitus or relieve the annoying ringing in your ears? In the texts below you will find valuable information about tinnitus, including its causes, symptoms and treatment options. Of particular interest is sauna therapy as a promising alternative treatment option. Learn how the sauna is not only relaxing, but can also have positive effects on blood circulation and the immune system.

Japanese practices for body and mind: nutrition, onsen and ikebana

This is how the Japanese do wellness

The Japanese are known for their longevity, beauty and health. The secret of their well-being and vitality lies in their lifestyle, which is based on the concept of well-being. From diet to physical activities to relaxation techniques, the Japanese have many practices that help them live healthy and happy lives.