Freezing after sauna: causes and solutions

Sauna bathing is a centuries-old tradition that rejuvenates the body and mind. However, a relaxing sauna session can sometimes be accompanied by an unexpected feeling of cold. This phenomenon raises questions: Why do you freeze after the sauna and what can you do about it?
Why do some people freeze after the sauna?
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Why do some people feel cold after the sauna?

The body reacts to the intense heat stimulus of the sauna by trying to regulate the body temperature. Sweating and the dilation of blood vessels are just some adaptation mechanisms. However, an often neglected factor is the cool-down phase after the sauna session. Omitting this phase can lead to an unpleasant feeling of cold.

The alternating stimulus: key to well-being

An important aspect of sauna is the alternating stimulus between hot and cold. This stimulus gets the circulation going, stimulates the metabolism and can reduce the sensation of cold. A cold shower or a dip in the ice water pool after a sauna session is therefore not only refreshing but also beneficial to your health.

Tips for optimal cooling

If you feel a chill despite cooling down, try the following tips:

  • Warm up slowly: Slowly increase the temperature of the final shower to gently warm up the body again.
  • Rest: Allow yourself to rest, wrapped in a warm towel or blanket.
  • Hot drink: A hot tea can help restore inner balance.

More than just warmth: the benefits of sauna bathing

Taking a sauna has many health benefits, from cleansing the body to boosting the immune system. A properly conducted sauna bath, including the cool-down phase, can maximize well-being and minimize unpleasant side effects such as feeling cold.

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