Can I go to the sauna with antibiotics?

Even the most diligent sauna-goer gets sick sometimes. Not infrequently, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic against the disease. But can I actually use it in the sauna or do I have to do without the sauna during this time?
With medication in the sauna?

With medication in the sauna?

Antibiotics and sauna, do they go together? You’ve probably asked yourself this question at some point. After all, even hard-core sauna fans get sick from time to time. Even the best and strongest immune system is not all-powerful. But fortunately, the illness is usually quickly overcome. To make sure it does, the doctor likes to prescribe an antibiotic. It defeats the bacteria in your body and is one of the most powerful medicines there is. But does the heat influence the effect of the medicine? We have investigated this question for you.

You need to take it easy – Better to avoid the sauna

If you have to take an antibiotic, there is a reason for it. Your body is suffering from a bacterial infection, so you are sick. You should not joke with that and abstain from sauna for a few days. This is not because a sweat bath could negatively influence the effect of the medication. But the heat makes their job more difficult. Because heat is good for inflammation and bad for your health. When you take a sauna, the climate is such that the bacteria can multiply optimally. Even with the help of antibiotics, your body will not be able to fight the invaders. In fact, the inflammation is likely to worsen.

The inflammation spreads in the sauna

As a regular reader of our blog, you know that in the sauna the blood vessels dilate. This is otherwise a very desirable effect. Among other things, high blood pressure can be alleviated in this way. But if there are bacteria in your body, this is not good at all. For them, these dilated blood vessels are an invitation to spread throughout the entire organism. In other words, saunas can cause other parts of your body to become ill.

Take a break and give your body a break

As you can guess, the only tip we can give you is not to take a sauna if you have a bacterial infection. Thanks to modern medications, you will probably get over the disease within a few days. Make yourself comfortable on your sofa at home and enjoy an extended series marathon. That’s not bad either. The rest will help your body to recover quickly. You can only go to the sauna again when the illness is completely over. To be on the safe side, you should ask your doctor for advice. He can give you an accurate assessment of your personal situation.

And what if I already feel better?

You know how it is: you actually feel quite well again, but you still have to finish the pack of antibiotics. This is not a nasty trick of the pharmaceutical industry, which simply wants to sell more stuff. Your doctor gives you this instruction for a good reason: there are small amounts of bacteria in your body. These are so few that you actually feel quite well again. But if you go into the heat of the sauna, they can suddenly multiply. The nasty consequence: you are flat again. So listen to your doctor and take it easy until the pack is empty.

Frequently asked questions

Which diseases should not be treated in the sauna?

Sauna and steam baths are not suitable for people with heart problems, high or low blood pressure, or circulatory problems. Avoid heat baths if you have kidney disease, diabetes, epilepsy, or are pregnant. Be sure to avoid alcohol, narcotics, and anti-hypertensive medications before a session.

Can you go to the sauna with a sore throat?

The first signs of a cold, such as a scratchy throat or dry nose, don’t have to mean you can’t go to the sauna. However, if you have a cold, sore throat, cough or fever, you should avoid the sauna.

How long no sauna after cold

Even if the cold is over, the body remains in a weakened state. Therefore, you should start the subsequent sweating cure only after you have successfully treated the cold and all symptoms have subsided. After recovering from a cold, it is also recommended to take the sauna session slowly.

Can I go to the sauna with swollen lymph nodes?

If lymphedema has developed, you should definitely be very careful and not do anything without consulting a doctor first; heat treatments are often not advisable at this stage.


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