Activate your happiness hormones

The dark season is also the time of depression. However, this does not have to be the case. You can easily activate your happiness hormones.
Activate your happiness hormones

How easy it is to activate the happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine

Activate your happy hormones. In the fall and winter, you probably go through life more depressed. It’s not so easy for you to enjoy the day. Blame it on the darkness. Because your body needs sunlight to produce the happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine. But do not panic. You can stimulate the production of happiness hormones in a pleasant way. We have 15 tips for you.

1. Go to the sauna and leave everyday life behind you

Of course, as a sauna blog, we get the idea to send you to the sauna. And there’s a good reason for that: you can really relax in the warmth. For this reason alone, your organism will produce more of the valuable messenger substances again. But there is one more little thing: as a rule, the sauna facilities are bathed in a very special light. This also helps your body produce more happy hormones. And of course, the warmth acts as a balm for your soul. After all, that’s what the world lacks in the dark season.

2. Plan a spa day with friends

In this context, wellness basically has the same effect as going to the sauna. You take time for yourself, let yourself be pampered for once. This is, so to speak, the signal for body and mind to be happier again. In this case, fragrant oils and nourishing essences are added. You do the rest. You will see, after an extensive massage everything is only half as bad.

3. Laugh again

Laugh again
Laughter is the best medicine, who laughs a lot lives longer and healthier.

Smiling is something you should do every now and then. Because your soul likes to be tricked. Just try it out right now. Put on your best smile. Well, do you notice anything yet? Yes exactly, the dreary thoughts disappeared for a short while. By the way, when you smile a lot, you’re also doing something good for other people. Because good humor is contagious. When we see someone beaming, we automatically have to smile along with them. So it is quite easy to do a good work.

4. Do sports again or go for a walk

Get out! Go out into the fresh air and move around for a while. You don’t even have to spend yourself. A long walk is quite enough. This has two effects on your body and hormone production: On the one hand, a lot of oxygen reaches your brain. This makes your gray cells more efficient overall and wakes them up from their hibernation. All at once, they start working at full speed – and producing the necessary messenger substances. On the other hand, the sun is shining despite the cold. Even the little light is already enough to stimulate the production of the important hormones.

5. Enjoy the sunshine

Enjoy the sunshine
The sun has a positive effect on mood and body.

This tip is closely related to tip 4. As soon as you see that the sun is shining outside, you should leave the house. Enjoy the rays of the sun. They are strong enough to stimulate hormone production even in the depths of winter. Just five minutes in the sun is enough to noticeably increase your well-being. On a nice day, you should even consider moving your lunch break outdoors. Afterwards you can enjoy a nice hot coffee in the warm office. You’ll see, the rest of the workday almost flies by.

6. Treat yourself to a delicious meal once again

Eat something good. You should always do this, but it’s especially important in the winter. When we say good, we also mean food that tastes good. However, you should still think about the vitamin content. When it comes to the production of happy hormones, you should especially consume plenty of vitamin B. It is found in meat, fish and eggs. Well, that’s not bad, is it?

7. Invite friends again

Invite acquaintances as often as you can. Spend time together and above all laugh a lot. Because when we laugh, our body produces serotonin and dopamine in large quantities. Plus, you’ll create an evening where you can all take a break from the daily grind. It’s best to make your evening together a permanent fixture. Roll your schedules. Surely there is one day a week when you all have time. If not, take your time. You just feel better, even if you got to bed late.

8. Meditate and find your inner peace

Those who meditate find their inner center. You experience minutes of relaxation in which you are completely in harmony with yourself. This serenity will also rub off on your everyday life. However, it does little good to meditate just once. You should make this kind of relaxation a regular ritual. Surely you have ten minutes before going to bed, for example. Reserve them for your daily meditation. You’ll notice that you fall asleep much easier this way, too. Finally, your brain had time to free itself from the ballast of everyday life.

9. Passionate sex

Passionate sex
If your mood is down, try passionate sex.

Certainly the most beautiful among our tips. Grab your partner and then it’s off to bed. If you are single, there is nothing wrong with a one-night stand from a medical point of view. The main thing is that you can really let yourself go in bed. For one thing, during sex you release bonding hormones. This ensures that you can relax wonderfully. On the other hand, during passionate sex, dopamine is also released in rough quantities. That’s why you should enjoy it as often as you can. It won’t be particularly difficult for you, we’re sure.

10. Listen to your favorite music

Music makes you happy. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. But it’s really true. Just think about long car rides. The radio is on and suddenly they play your favorite song. What are you doing? You’re probably happily singing along. When it comes to the production of serotonin and dopamine, you should especially choose music that you associate with positive experiences. Memories of this are evoked as soon as the first bars sound. You will probably not be as happy as you were on that one day. But still, the memory is enough to noticeably brighten your mood and sweeten the rest of your day.

11. Breathe correctly and consciously

I get it, you should always breathe. But that’s not what we mean at all in this case. Our point is that you should consciously take a deep breath from time to time. In this way, your lungs are particularly well supplied with oxygen. Plus, you’re giving yourself some downtime where you don’t have to do anything but breathe. Simply wonderful. You will see, afterwards you will feel a little bit better. And your mood will probably brighten noticeably, too.

12. Take time for yourself

Take time for yourself
From time to time, consciously take some time for yourself.

As often as you can, take some time for yourself and create a little downtime. Half an hour a day you should do only those things that you like to do. For example, grab a good book and read a few pages. This relaxes you and gives you strength for upcoming tasks. However, you should not choose activities that strain you. For example, it’s not a good idea to watch a nerve-wracking horror movie during this time. It has to be something that helps you come down. What do you mean you don’t have time for that half hour? Then create it for yourself. And we’re sure you’ll be able to spare the 30 minutes. For example, get into the habit of using the half hour before sleep all to yourself.

13. Experience aromatherapy with essential oils

Scents hit the brain directly from the nose. They are able to trigger moods. You’ve probably heard of lavender, the scent of which has a relaxing effect. The same is true with luck. For example, the ancient Chinese found that the scent of ylang ylang makes you happy. Buy an essential oil that smells like it. In the evening, turn up the heat, muffle up in your blanket – and light an aroma lamp. Take one deep breath. Surely you are already a bit happier than before.

14. Dancing gives energy and joy of life

Dancing gives energy and joy of life
Dancing relieves stress and transforms it into joie de vivre.

Dancing is writing poetry with the body. A wonderful way to express yourself. Incidentally, with the movements, the worries of everyday life fall away from you. You think now that you can’t dance anything very well? That may be. But you’re not supposed to put yourself on a big stage at all. Close the door from the living room and turn up your favorite music as loud as the neighbors will allow. And then: dance! Move to the music in a way that feels good to you. After just a few minutes, life will feel a little bit easier. Make sure you have time for a little dance on a regular basis.

15. Yoga relaxes and brings body and mind in harmony

Yoga makes you happy. The Indians already knew this several thousand years ago. To make it work even better, they’ve developed certain exercises to instantly put a smile on yogis’ faces. In our Western culture, we call these exercises laughter yoga. They have a direct, positive influence on the production of happiness hormones. But even quite ordinary yoga will have a positive effect on your mood. Because through movement alone, your brain is better supplied with oxygen. This in turn boosts the production of the important messenger substances. And you’ll leave the gym mat a little happier than when you entered.

Yoga activates your happiness hormones
Yoga activates your happy hormones and has a relaxing effect on your body.


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