What is honey infusion?

Honey is very popular with young and old as a sweet, tasty and healthy luxury food. The natural product is proven to be not only a delicacy on the tongue. A honey infusion is also a proven beauty remedy for use in the sauna.
Enjoy the highlight of the sauna bath with a honey infusion

Enjoy the highlight of the sauna bath with a honey infusion

What is a honey infusion? Sauna lovers swear by the many beneficial properties of the fragrant infusion. With a honey infusion, the sauna stay becomes a treat for the senses in an incomparable way. However, do not take the term honey infusion literally. The difference lies in the way it is used. In conventional sauna infusions, hot water mixed with additives is poured directly onto the heated stones. In infusion, the honey is not applied to the stones, but directly to the heated skin.

Honey – A valuable natural product

The natural product is composed of about 200 different ingredients. The composition depends on plant species of the region where the bees gather their food. The ingredients are sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose as well as water. In addition, there are other ingredients such as proteins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and coloring and flavorings.

Beekeeper honey and sauna honey – what is the difference?

Beekeeper honey is offered for sale pure and without enrichment of additional substances. Sauna honey is enriched with ingredients from nature to achieve a more comprehensive effect. There is now a wide range of products with various additives. Each manufacturer mixes its products according to its own special recipe. Often, depending on the desired effect, these are additives such as lavender, wild rose, rosemary, aloe or hibiscus.

Sauna honey is offered as gel, lotion, paste, or cream in specialized shops. Treatment with the fragrant substances is a beneficial cure for a tired and stressed body. Of course, the products for use in the sauna are not suitable for consumption.

Mode of action

Beekeeping products are natural foods with many valuable ingredients. They are said to have numerous healing effects. Bee products are used in homeopathy for treatment. Their effectiveness has been scientifically proven. The antiseptic effect leads to faster healing of small wounds. Inflammations and skin irritations subside quickly.

Honey as skin care

In skin care and as an additive in cosmetic products, the natural product is used for its excellent properties. It has a moisturizing effect and, when used externally, provides the skin with important nutrients. By gently massaging it into the skin, the metabolism is stimulated and toxins can be removed more easily.

Honey infusion against pimples

With the help of honey, the skin is supplied with moisture and important nutrients. In addition, bee nectar has cleansing and antibacterial properties, which is why it can be used for cosmetic care of skin impurities all over the body. Honey also eliminates skin impurities, pimples and blackheads. After treatment with honey, the skin feels velvety soft and fresh.

Honey as a peeling in the sauna

An enhanced exfoliating effect is achieved with the enrichment of almond or apricot kernel flour. Dead skin cells can be gently removed. The skin regenerates, becomes soothed and velvety soft. The sweet skin application cleanses deep into the pores, has a firming, nourishing and antibacterial effect. Choose a high-quality infusion product. Since it is applied directly to the skin, it should be as far as possible pure and free of harmful substances.

How to use

The honey infusion is applied during the last sauna session. Depending on the need, the sauna-goer rubs in before or after sweating. Special sauna honey or honey paste is best suited for this purpose. In the warmth of the sauna, it becomes liquid and spreads a pleasant fragrance.

Its stickiness is completely lost when applied to the skin. Spread the fragrant paste on your face and body like a cream. The eyes and hairline should be left out. In the sauna heat, the pores of the skin open up and the sweet skin application is almost completely absorbed.

The obligatory shower after sauna cleanses, refreshes and revitalizes the body and mind. Do not use additional skin cleansing products such as soap or shower gel after a honey application. Even applying a body lotion can be omitted, as the nourishing properties are unfolded during use and have a wonderfully smoothing and refatting effect.

Note for allergy sufferers

In general, an infusion with the bee product is harmless. Allergy sufferers should nevertheless take into account that the natural product contains pollen, which can trigger an allergic reaction. Allergy sufferers should refrain from using honey infusion.

A tip for lovers of the sweet infusion

If you plan to perform a honey infusion, it is best not to use light-colored towels. Make sure nothing drips onto the wooden benches. The drips will leave unsightly brown stains.


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