What is a combination sauna?

In this article, we will present you the advantages of a combined infrared sauna and compare it with a traditional Finnish sauna and an infrared cabin.
The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

Not a few sauna fans ask themselves this question. After all, the new trend is making quite a splash. The new cabins are causing a furor, especially in the market for home saunas. But what is it exactly? What is combined in these small wooden cabins? We got to the bottom of these two questions for you – and present you with answers in this article. So you can assess whether a change would be worthwhile for you.

Let yourself be pampered twice

A combination sauna combines two pretty ingenious things: a Finnish sauna and an infrared cabin. To understand exactly how this works, we need to look at the specifics of the two components.

Infusion sauna and infrared cabin – these are the main differences

You are almost certainly familiar with a Finnish sauna: a room heated by a stove. Guests classically take a seat on wooden benches – and sweat. They do this because the stove heats the air. Infusions are an essential element in this process. They do three things: they heat the air particularly strongly, enrich the room with a great scent, and humidify the air. Sauna fans swear by this experience. After all, the infusion has more than just a health function. It is a ritual that is truly celebrated.

This is not possible in an infrared cabin, which is why this extremely healthy way of sweating does not appeal to many sauna fans, especially when it comes to choosing a model for their own home use. Here, there is no furnace humming away. Instead, infrared rays heat the body rather than the air. This produces a particularly large amount of sweat. A fact that your health will thank you for. In addition, the heat pleasure is very gentle. Even patients with weak circulation can enjoy the healthy pleasure. A conventional infrared cabin looks more or less like a closet, and on average it can accommodate two people.

Sauna and infrared cabin in one

In a combination sauna, these two functions now merge. So these are small cabins that have infrared heaters on the wall, but at the same time have a heater. So you can choose which function you want to use at any given time. You can’t have both at the same time. Either you let the radiators bring your body up to temperature, or you fire up the oven. The technology of these infrared cabins is designed to be resistant to moisture and not to damage. As a result, the emitters can easily handle moisture. To get the most out of their soothing heat, it is advisable to sit relatively close to them.

Nevertheless, here you can use the gentle light heat in a comfortable environment. A combination sauna is significantly larger than the usual cabins. To enjoy the bath in a conventional Finnish sauna, you just need to stoke the stove. This works easily and conveniently with electricity in these modern units. You can also celebrate an infusion in such sweat lodges – just as you wish.

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