The right hair care after sauna

If you regularly visit a Finnish sauna, your hair may dry out and break over time. But it doesn't have to come to that. We have put together some care tips for you.
Does sauna harm the hair?

Does sauna harm the hair?

The right hair care after sauna. Hair must withstand very high temperatures in the sauna and can dry out quickly as a result. Therefore, we should care for them appropriately, especially after each visit. It is also important to remove all plastic hair ties before taking a sauna. This is because it is often very warm, especially on the upper benches. As a result, hair elastics made of plastic could quickly become soft. In addition, it makes sense to apply a hair treatment or a special conditioner to the hair before each sauna session. This is because these care products provide protection against the heat and prevent drying out.

The tips of the hair are particularly at risk

To prevent hair from drying out in the sauna, some simple measures can be taken. Especially if they are very long, they are pinned up. This is because it means that the very sensitive ends of the hair are not so exposed to the heat. Furthermore, it can help to apply a nourishing hair tip fluid or a protective spray. Shorter hair is usually somewhat less susceptible to heat damage. Nevertheless, a small towel should also be wrapped around them for safety.

The right hair care after the sauna

After the first sauna session, the hair is swollen due to the high temperatures, hot vapors and sweating. Therefore, a nourishing mask should now be applied. This should have nutrients that can penetrate very deeply into the hair. After a few minutes, it is rinsed out again.

Or the hair is washed with a nourishing shampoo in the shower shortly before the sauna visit. The mask is massaged in before the first session and only rinsed out again after the last session. Afterward, a regenerating treatment can be applied for hair care.

Can sauna also have a positive effect on hair?

Yes, sauna can be very useful even for hair care. However, the tips described above must be followed for this. Before taking a sauna, we should wash our hair with the mildest possible shampoo.

Whether they are dry or wet when entering the sauna does not really matter. However, it is easier to massage in the treatment when they are damp. The high temperatures in the sauna ensure that the hair can better absorb the nutrients. This is because the heat opens the outer cuticle layer.


A visit to the sauna can have both negative and positive effects on the hair, depending on the right hair care. Due to the high temperatures and the risk of drying, proper hair care is an important factor, especially after each sauna session. Hair elastics made of plastic should be removed before going to the sauna to prevent deformation. Applying a hair conditioner or a special conditioner before visiting the sauna protects the hair from heat and dehydration.

Special attention should be paid to the ends of the hair, as they are particularly sensitive. Putting the hair up and using care products such as hair tip fluid or protective spray can help prevent heat damage. After a sauna session, hair should be treated with a nutrient-rich hair mask that penetrates deep into the hair and is then rinsed out. Alternatively, a nourishing shampoo can be used before the sauna session, followed by the application of a mask during the sauna session.

If the right measures are taken, saunas can actually have a positive effect on the hair. The heat in the sauna opens the outer cuticle of the hair, allowing it to better absorb nutrients. Before going to the sauna, it is recommended to wash the hair with a mild shampoo.


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