The amazing benefits of foot baths between sauna sessions!

Sauna is one of the oldest forms of body cleansing and relaxation, which has lost none of its popularity to this day. In addition to the well-known benefits such as strengthening the immune system and muscle relaxation, there is a simple but effective method to enhance the positive effects of the sauna: the foot bath during the cooling phase between sauna sessions.
Why is the cooling down period after the sauna important?
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Why is the cooling phase after the sauna session important?

After a hot sauna session, the body is heated up, the pores are open, and blood circulation has been stimulated. To stabilize the circulation again and bring the body to a moderate temperature, proper cooling down is crucial. This is where the cool down phase comes into play, which is often neglected. Many people tend to cool down only briefly in the fresh air or take a cold shower. But there is an even more effective way to gently cool down the body while enhancing the positive effects of the sauna: the foot bath.

Why is a Kneipp walk or a cold foot bath recommended first?

Before turning to the warm foot bath, it is advisable to first cool down the body with a Kneipp walk or a cold foot bath. The cold water causes the blood vessels to contract in order to retain body heat. This redistributes the stored heat, which has accumulated on the surface of the skin during the sauna session, throughout the body. The circulation is stimulated, and the body begins to prepare for the next sauna session.

The effect of the warm foot bath: stimulation of blood circulation

After the Kneipp walk or the cold foot bath, it is time for the warm foot bath. This step is not only pleasant, but also extremely beneficial for the body. The warm water causes the blood vessels to dilate, which leads to better circulation. This benefits especially the skin on the feet, but also the entire body is better supplied with blood.

The importance of improved blood circulation for the body:

  • Promotion of heat release: in the sauna, the body temperature increases by about 1 to 2 °C. Due to the improved blood circulation, the heat from inside the body is better transported to the surface of the skin and from there released into the environment. As a result of this process, the body cools down faster and more pleasantly.
  • Increased vitality thanks to improved blood circulation: Improved blood circulation supports the metabolism and contributes significantly to general well-being and health. Increased circulation also allows for more efficient transport of nutrients in the body, resulting in optimized function of various organ systems. This leads to an improvement in important bodily functions and can promote long-term health.
  • Relaxation and stress reduction: the pleasant warmth of the foot bath has a relaxing effect on the entire body and reduces stress hormones. It helps to create a calm and serene atmosphere, deepening the relaxation after the sauna session.
Conclusion: The benefits of the warm foot bath between sauna sessions

A warm foot bath in the cooling phase between sauna sessions is not only a tradition, but has tangible health benefits. It supports the natural cooling of the body, promotes blood circulation, improves the natural drainage of toxins and contributes to deep relaxation. By consciously taking time for this phase and enjoying the warm foot bath, we optimize the beneficial effects of the sauna on both body and mind. So, during your next sauna visit, don’t forget to give your body this small but effective attention and experience a holistic sauna experience like never before!


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