Taking a sauna with a newly placed dental implant

In the USA, around 5.5 million implants are placed in jaw bones every year. If you have recently had a new dental implant placed, then you should read this article. As a regular sauna-goer, you should know these facts. So that you can continue to pursue your hobby after the healing.
New dental implant - then please do not go straight to the sauna

New dental implant – then please don’t go straight to the sauna

Going to the sauna with a newly placed dental implant? Do you have a newly placed dental implant? Then you are probably wondering whether you can use it in the sauna. After all, a visit to the sauna promises pleasantly warm hours of relaxation. That would promote the healing of the wounds, wouldn’t it? Sounds logical. But unfortunately it is not. At this point, some good news: you don’t have to do without the sauna for the rest of your life. But at least for a little while. The heat would interfere with the healing process – and thus delay it. Under certain circumstances, a nasty inflammation may even form. Why this is so, we explain to you in the following lines. We’ll also tell you when you can go back into the heat.

Heat delays the healing process

Placing a dental implant is a major operation for the body. On the one hand, it creates large wounds. On the other hand, small micro-injuries also form that are not noticeable at all. They all need to heal, which disturbs the heat. Among other things, it can be responsible for causing the tissue to swell. This is simply because tissue expands in the heat. However, this swelling has a negative effect on the healing process. It is not for nothing that the dentist has recommended that you cool the affected areas. This is because the cold causes the tissue to retract and swellings to disappear.

Sauna promotes secondary bleeding

However, there is another effect that has an unfavorable impact on the healing process: The sauna stimulates circulation. This is otherwise a highly desirable effect. However, it is no longer so when there is a fresh implant in your mouth. The stimulated circulation increases the blood supply to the wound. This is not good at all, because it could cause secondary bleeding. This would delay healing.

Bacteria multiply in the heat

In addition to these two effects, there is another one: Bacteria love warmth. They like it so much that they multiply abruptly. This in turn interferes with the healing process. On the other hand, it even increases the risk of inflammation. So take our advice to heart and take a sauna break for a while. We know that it is not nice. But it is about your health.

What should I take care of after the procedure?

After dental implant surgery, it requires a number of precautions. Especially in the first hours after leaving the dental clinic. You should definitely follow these tips so that the healing process is not delayed.

  • You should avoid touching the surgical site at all costs.
  • After the local anesthesia, you should not eat anything for 2–5 hours.
  • Take only the painkillers that have been recommended by your oral surgeon.
  • Take antibiotics if necessary and prescribed.
  • You should not eat dairy products and eggs for the next few days.
  • During the healing phase, refrain from sports or heavy lifting and also from going to the sauna.
  • Even if it is difficult – smoking should be taboo for the next few days.
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee.
  • Sleep on your back the night after surgery.
  • Please avoid blowing your nose heavily.
  • Do not drive a car immediately after the surgery.
  • Avoid wearing the temporary denture to let the gum tissue heal.
  • In case of severe pain, bleeding or fever – inform the doctor immediately.


How do I care for my dental implants?

You should remove plaque twice a day with a soft toothbrush. You can do this with an electric or manual toothbrush. However, the bristles should be soft and smooth. Use dental floss daily. This is important to prevent plaque buildup. To prevent plaque build-up, we also recommend using an Oral shower. This is particularly suitable for dental implants.

Once everything is healed, you can sweat again

But don’t panic, you are normally allowed back on the wooden benches quite quickly. Especially if you take a break, the wounds heal again quite quickly. In most cases, you will be allowed to sweat again to your heart’s content after the stitches are removed. Talk to your dentist during this appointment. He will examine the wounds again very carefully – and tell you whether you are really allowed to go to the sauna again.