Taking a sauna in old age: health benefits and safety tips for seniors

Taking a sauna is a soothing and relaxing ritual that people of all ages enjoy. But what about older sauna-goers? Are they able to use the sauna safely and reap the health benefits? In this article, we highlight the suitability of the sauna for seniors and provide important safety tips, so they can enjoy this wellness experience without worry.
Are sauna visits safe for older people?
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Are sauna visits safe for the elderly?

Safety is paramount in any sauna visit, especially when it comes to the elderly. Seniors who already have experience with saunas can usually continue their hobby without concern as long as their bodies tolerate it well. However, older people who suffer from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or vein problems should always consult a doctor familiar with sauna use beforehand. Some medications can alter physical reactions, so prior consultation is important to minimize any risks.

Newcomers: Is it possible to start taking saunas at an older age?

Seniors who have no prior experience with sauna use can usually begin without hesitation, provided there are no medical conditions requiring treatment that cannot be adequately controlled with medication or other measures. A stable heart condition and well-controlled blood pressure is usually no reason to avoid sauna visits. On the contrary, the sauna can support the treatment and increase well-being.

The SANARIUM® and the infrared heat cabin as gentle entry points

The use of a SANARIUM® or an infrared heat cabin is particularly recommended for beginners of all ages, including older people. Compared to the classic Finnish sauna, these offer milder temperatures that can be more pleasant and gentle, especially for inexperienced sauna-goers. The SANARIUM® is characterized by variable climate control, which allows individual adjustment of the heat supply to personal needs.

Health benefits of sauna for seniors

Saunas can provide a number of health benefits for seniors when performed according to their physical condition and state of health. These include:

  • Promoting circulation: the heat in the sauna promotes blood flow, which improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body.
  • Relaxation and stress reduction: sauna visits contribute to stress reduction and relaxation, which has a positive effect on overall well-being.
  • Strengthening the immune system: regular sauna visits strengthen the immune system, which is especially important in old age.
  • Improving skin health: the heat and subsequent alternation between heat and cold in the sauna help to cleanse the skin and promote skin health.

Tips for seniors when taking a sauna

In order for seniors to enjoy their sauna experience safely and in a relaxed manner, they should follow a few important tips:

  • Consult your doctor: before visiting the sauna for the first time or if you have existing health problems, it is advisable to consult the doctor treating you and discuss your sauna visit.
  • Start slowly: sauna novices, including seniors, should start slowly and get used to the heat. Short stays in the sauna at lower temperatures are recommended to get started.
  • Drink plenty: Before and after sauna sessions, drink plenty of water or diluted juice spritzers to compensate for fluid loss.
  • Listen to your body: Seniors should listen to their body during the sauna session and leave the sauna immediately if they feel unwell.
  • After the sauna session: after the sauna session, it is advisable to take enough time to cool down and rest before resuming physical activities.

The sauna can also be beneficial for older people

In summary, the sauna can be a beneficial experience even for the elderly if they follow some important precautions and tips. A visit to the sauna can not only be relaxing, but also provide health benefits that are especially valuable in old age. That said, seniors should be sure to talk to their doctor beforehand and get used to the sauna slowly, especially if they have no previous experience with sauna visits. With proper preparation and mindfulness, seniors can safely enjoy sauna sessions to the fullest.


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