Sweating against the summer heat

How is that supposed to work? After all, it is even warmer in the sauna than outside. But you will be surprised. This works perfectly. The principle is simple: fight like with like. But there are a few other factors at work. We'll tell you what they are. We also reveal how to get the most out of a sauna day in summer.
Sauna in summer | Sweating helps with heat

Sauna in summer | Sweating helps with heat

Sweating against the summer heat? Sauna sessions help our body get used to the heat in summer. Once the weather gets warmer, sauna sessions help our bodies regulate the heat in our bodies more easily. Research on athletes has shown that sauna sessions cause our bodies to regulate our internal temperature more efficiently. In this way, your body is less stressed in terms of cooling down.

Pure refreshment

Even if it is hard to believe, such a sauna day in summer is refreshing. The effect behind it is easily explained: you step out from the very hot sauna into the fresh air. Even if the temperature here is around 30 degrees, this will have a rather cool effect on you. By the way, you can intensify this effect. Find a sweat lodge where a refreshing scent is misted, ice candy or mint for example. It will hit your brain directly from your nose. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it can make.

Outside the music plays

So much for the effect of heat. But in the summer, something else is different, pretty great: you’ll spend more time outside. There it is now warm enough to discover all the attractions. The great showers, for example. You will certainly enjoy jumping under them during the warm season. In addition, the operators of the pools do not heat up the pools as much as usual. That means it’s a pleasant temperature, yet the water keeps you nice and cool. And then there are the loungers out there. They’re not just there for decoration. You will certainly enjoy using them in the summer.

Training for the hot summer days

But it’s not only great and refreshing to take a sauna in the summer. You also train your sweat glands. In the sweat lodge, you put these very extreme conditions. This means that you are running at full speed. Nevertheless, a certain habituation effect sets in. That is, when it gets hot in everyday life, you don’t sweat as much. In addition, your body copes better with the high temperatures and you feel much fitter. To achieve this, however, you need to take regular saunas in the summer. But that’s not the worst prospect, is it?

Take care of yourself

As always, make sure you drink enough during your sauna day. You lose a lot of fluids and they need to be replenished. But don’t reach for ice-cold drinks, no matter how tempting that may be. Lukewarm tea without sugar is optimal.

Take sauna breaks

You should not overdo it when it comes to the duration of your sauna sessions. Experts say that ten to 20 minutes per session is perfectly sufficient. Always listen to the signals your body is sending you and leave the sauna in good time. Of course, you should take breaks between sweating sessions, and they should last at least half an hour.

Before the cold plunge

Although it’s tempting, especially in the summer, you shouldn’t jump into the ice-cold plunge pool right away either. First cool off for a few minutes in the fresh air or under a lukewarm shower. After that, nothing stands in the way of jumping into the icy pool.


Isalie Graf
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