Sleep better after sauna

Sauna makes you tired – and that's a good thing. After the visit to the sauna bath, you will fall into bed wonderfully heavy and travel to the land of dreams.
Smart sauna - better sleep after sauna

Smart sauna – better sleep after sauna

Sleep better after sauna. Have you ever noticed that? When you come out of the sauna, you don’t feel like doing anything, just sleeping. There is nothing wrong with that. For people with sleep disorders, this state is even very desirable. Because they fall asleep without having to count sheep. But why is this actually so? And, can I even enhance this effect under certain circumstances? We have the answers to these questions for you.

Exhausting – but in a positive sense

Your body goes through a lot in the sauna. After all, you don’t sweat for nothing. Your body reacts to the high outside temperature. It tries to cool itself down and protect itself from overheating. This scenario also plays a bit of a trick on your organism. It thinks a fever is breaking out, and it has to fight pathogens. After a few minutes in the pleasant warmth, you go back out into the cold, possibly even under the ice shower. Again, stress for the organism. For example, the arteries that were still dilated in the heat contract again – a real vascular workout.

And as if all that weren’t enough, your lungs also have to work harder in the heat. The hot air contains far less oxygen than normal. That’s why you’re subconsciously taking a deeper breath, but still less oxygen is getting into your lungs. Don’t worry, you won’t really notice. But nevertheless, you do a light fitness training. If you sauna extensively, you can easily compare it to a long jog. By the way, your condition will improve over time. You can find out exactly how this works in this article.

Sauna means deep relaxation

But you won’t just get tired because all the sweating is so hard on your body. Sauna bathing is also incredibly relaxing. The heat loosens your muscles and the tension is released by itself. This muscle relaxation is also transferred to your mind. You have a few minutes just for yourself, enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. Pure relaxation. During your visit to the sauna, you should not engage in any physical activity. Let the people in the active pool do their gymnastics. You have already done so much for your fitness, you don’t need it today. And you can take this pleasant feeling home to bed with you.

Sweating against insomnia

You’ll notice that after just a few minutes you’ll be in the land of dreams. People with sleep disorders also benefit from a visit to the sauna. They are no longer sleepless, do not have to count sheep. This is an effect that can be felt even after the first visit. This pleasant exhaustion simply helps everyone to fall asleep. Many sauna fans also report that they sleep much better. They wake up less often and feel more relaxed the next morning. In this respect, heat is a miracle cure for insomnia at night. If, you go about it the right way.

Promote sleepiness

Because not all people sleep well after a sauna. Some feel fresh after a sauna visit and could pull out trees. If you suffer from difficulty falling asleep, there are two simple tips you should follow. First, don’t plunge into the ice pool after the last of your sauna sessions. This has an energizing effect and would not be particularly beneficial if you have trouble falling asleep. It’s better to take a lukewarm shower.

On the other hand, your way home should be as short as possible. The purpose of a sauna is to relax. If you have to drive many kilometers afterward, the effect is gone. You have to concentrate – and your body switches on a kind of hello-wake-up program. You won’t be able to sleep right away. So look for a facility nearby.

Conclusion: The sauna helps you sleep better. However, to cure your insomnia in this way, you need to follow a few rules.

Sauna fragrances that promote sleep

Fragrances determine our lives. Some have a stimulating effect, others are relaxing and some promote restful sleep. Of course, you can take advantage of these effects while taking a sauna. Go for a round in the sauna before going to bed and pamper yourself with special aromas. You will see: The way to the dream realm will be especially easy for you afterward.

We have put together a few sauna fragrances for a restful sleep

1. Spitzner sauna infusion lavender-cumquat

The sauna infusions from Spitzner have the quality seal of the German Sauna Association as a special feature. The lavender-cumquat infusion from Spitzner with its herbaceous-fruity scent has a balancing and mentally stimulating effect.

Spitzner Saunaaufguss Wellness Lavendel-Kumquat (190ml)...

2. Warda Sauna Infusion Ylang-Ylang

Warda sauna infusion fragrance concentrate with the scent Ylang-Ylang is obtained from natural oils. Only high-quality raw materials are processed. Continuous quality controls are guaranteed! The essential and natural oils contained in this sauna infusion fragrance concentrate clear the respiratory tract, support blood circulation and increase the body’s defenses.

Warda Saunaaufguss Ylang-Ylang 1 l Flasche - Ein Liter...

3. Finnsa sandalwood

Finnsa sauna fragrance concentrate, an experience for the senses, 250 ml, Sandalwood (Warm, woody-balsamic fragrance, calming and balancing). Finnsa’s high-quality sauna fragrance concentrate with natural essential and nature-identical oils. Finnsa’s fragrance concentrate promotes general well-being and brings soothing freshness to the sauna. Finnsa’s fragrance concentrate makes sauna bathing a naturally healthy relaxation. Can be used for saunas, but also for aroma bowls, herbal baths and thermariums.

Finnsa Sandelholz


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